How to use content method of FilePermissionsSelector Package

Best Inspec_ruby code snippet using FilePermissionsSelector.content


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...46 define_method m.to_sym do |*args|47 file.method(m.to_sym).call(*args)48 end49 end50 def content51 res = file.content52 return nil if res.nil?53 res.force_encoding('utf-8')54 end55 def contain(*_)56 raise 'Contain is not supported. Please use standard RSpec matchers.'57 end58 def readable?(by_usergroup, by_specific_user)59 return false unless exist?60 return skip_resource '`readable?` is not supported on your OS yet.' if @perms_provider.nil?61 file_permission_granted?('read', by_usergroup, by_specific_user)62 end63 def writable?(by_usergroup, by_specific_user)64 return false unless exist?65 return skip_resource '`writable?` is not supported on your OS yet.' if @perms_provider.nil?66 file_permission_granted?('write', by_usergroup, by_specific_user)67 end68 def executable?(by_usergroup, by_specific_user)69 return false unless exist?70 return skip_resource '`executable?` is not supported on your OS yet.' if @perms_provider.nil?71 file_permission_granted?('execute', by_usergroup, by_specific_user)72 end73 def mounted?(expected_options = nil, identical = false)74 mounted = file.mounted75 # return if no additional parameters have been provided76 return file.mounted? if expected_options.nil?77 # deprecation warning, this functionality will be removed in future version78 warn "[DEPRECATION] `be_mounted.with and be_mounted.only_with` are deprecated. Please use `mount('#{source_path}')` instead."79 # we cannot read mount data on non-Linux systems80 return nil if !inspec.os.linux?81 # parse content if we are on linux82 @mount_options ||= parse_mount_options(mounted.stdout, true)83 if identical84 # check if the options should be identical85 @mount_options == expected_options86 else87 # otherwise compare the selected values88 @mount_options.contains(expected_options)89 end90 end91 def suid92 (mode & 04000) > 093 end94 def sgid95 (mode & 02000) > 0...

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1options = {}2 opts.on('-f', '--file FILE', 'Path to the file') do |file|3 opts.on('-d', '--directory DIRECTORY', 'Path to the directory') do |directory|4 opts.on('-h', '--help', 'Displays Help') do5if !options[:file].nil? && !File.file?(options[:file])6elsif !options[:directory].nil? && ![:directory])7if !options[:file].nil? && !File.readable?(options[:file])8elsif !options[:directory].nil? && !File.readable?(options[:directory])9if !options[:file].nil? && !File.writable?(options[:file])10elsif !options[:directory].nil? && !File.writable?(options[:directory])11if !options[:file].nil? && !File.executable?(options[:file])12elsif !options[:directory].nil? && !File.executable?(options[:directory])13if !options[:file].nil? &&[:file])

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