How to use resource_exception_message method of NoCriteriaProvided Package

Best Inspec_ruby code snippet using NoCriteriaProvided.resource_exception_message


Source:filter.rb Github


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...18 # being added to the test collection and being evaluated.19 def resource_failed?20 @original_exception.is_a?(Inspec::Exceptions::ResourceFailed)21 end22 def resource_exception_message23 @original_exception.message24 end25 # Capture message chains and return `ExceptionCatcher` objects26 def method_missing(*)27 self28 end29 # RSpec will check the object returned to see if it responds to a method30 # before calling it. We need to fake it out and tell it that it does. This31 # allows it to skip past that check and fall through to #method_missing32 def respond_to?(_method)33 true34 end35 def to_s36 @original_resource.to_s...

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