How to use list_fields method of NoCriteriaProvided Package

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...86 filtered_raw_data = raw_data87 # If we were provided params, interpret them as criteria to be evaluated88 # against the raw data. Criteria are assumed to be hash keys.89 conditions.each do |raw_field_name, desired_value|90 raise(ArgumentError, "'#{decorate_symbols(raw_field_name)}' is not a recognized criterion - expected one of #{decorate_symbols(list_fields).join(", ")}'") unless field?(raw_field_name)91 populate_lazy_field(raw_field_name, desired_value) if is_field_lazy?(raw_field_name)92 new_criteria_string += " #{raw_field_name} == #{desired_value.inspect}"93 filtered_raw_data = filter_raw_data(filtered_raw_data, raw_field_name, desired_value)94 end95 # If we were given a block, make a special Struct for each row, that has an accessor96 # for each field declared using `register_custom_property`, then instance-eval the block97 # against the struct.98 if block_given?99 # Perform the filtering.100 filtered_raw_data = filtered_raw_data.find_all { |row_as_hash| create_eval_context_for_row(row_as_hash, "").instance_eval(&block) }101 # Try to interpret the block for updating the stringification.102 src = Trace.new103 # Swallow any exceptions raised here.104 # See begin106 src.instance_eval(&block)107 rescue # rubocop: disable Lint/HandleExceptions108 # Yes, robocop, ignoring all exceptions is normally109 # a bad idea. Here, an exception just means we don't110 # understand what was in a `where` block, so we can't111 # meaningfully sytringify it. We still have a decent112 # default stringification.113 end114 new_criteria_string += Trace.to_ruby(src)115 end116, filtered_raw_data, new_criteria_string)117 end118 def create_eval_context_for_row(*_)119 raise "#{self.class} must not be used on its own. It must be inherited "\120 "and the #create_eval_context_for_row method must be implemented. This is an internal "\121 "error and should not happen."122 end123 def resource124 resource_instance125 end126 def params127 # TODO: consider deprecating128 raw_data129 end130 def entries131 row_criteria_string = resource.to_s + criteria_string + " one entry"132 do |row|133 create_eval_context_for_row(row, row_criteria_string)134 end135 end136 def get_column_values(field)137 do |row|138 row[field]139 end140 end141 def list_fields142 @__fields_in_raw_data ||= raw_data.reduce([]) do |fields, row|143 fields.concat(row.keys).uniq144 end145 end146 def field?(proposed_field)147 # Currently we only know about a field if it is present in a at least one row of the raw data.148 # If we have no rows in the raw data, assume all fields are acceptable (and rely on failing to match on value, nil)149 return true if raw_data.empty?150 # Most resources have Symbol keys in their raw data. Some have Strings (looking at you, `shadow`).151 is_field = false152 is_field ||= list_fields.include?(proposed_field.to_s)153 is_field ||= list_fields.include?(proposed_field.to_sym)154 is_field ||= is_field_lazy?(proposed_field.to_s)155 is_field ||= is_field_lazy?(proposed_field.to_sym)156 is_field157 end158 def to_s159 resource.to_s + criteria_string160 end161 alias inspect to_s162 def populate_lazy_field(field_name, criterion)163 return unless is_field_lazy?(field_name)164 return if field_populated?(field_name)165 raw_data.each do |row|166 next if row.key?(field_name) # skip row if pre-existing data is present167 callback_for_lazy_field(field_name).call(row, criterion, self)...

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