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...15# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software16# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.17namespace :redmine do18 namespace :attachments do19 desc 'Removes uploaded files left unattached after one day.'20 task :prune => :environment do21 Attachment.prune22 end23 desc 'Moves attachments stored at the root of the file directory (ie. created before Redmine 2.3) to their subdirectories'24 task :move_to_subdirectories => :environment do25 Attachment.move_from_root_to_target_directory26 end27 desc 'Updates attachment digests to SHA256'28 task :update_digests => :environment do29 Attachment.update_digests_to_sha25630 end31 end32 namespace :tokens do33 desc 'Removes expired tokens.'34 task :prune => :environment do35 Token.destroy_expired36 end37 end38 namespace :watchers do39 desc 'Removes watchers from what they can no longer view.'40 task :prune => :environment do41 Watcher.prune42 end43 end44 desc 'Fetch changesets from the repositories'45 task :fetch_changesets => :environment do46 Repository.fetch_changesets47 end48 desc 'Migrates and copies plugins assets.'49 task :plugins do50 Rake::Task["redmine:plugins:migrate"].invoke51 Rake::Task["redmine:plugins:assets"].invoke52 end53desc <<-DESC54FOR EXPERIMENTAL USE ONLY, Moves Redmine data from production database to the development database.55This task should only be used when you need to move data from one DBMS to a different one (eg. MySQL to PostgreSQL).56WARNING: All data in the development database is deleted.57DESC58 task :migrate_dbms => :environment do59 ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection :development60 target_tables = ActiveRecord::Base.connection.tables61 ActiveRecord::Base.remove_connection62 ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection :production63 tables = ActiveRecord::Base.connection.tables.sort - %w(schema_migrations plugin_schema_info)64 if (tables - target_tables).any?65 list = (tables - target_tables).map {|table| "* #{table}"}.join("\n")66 abort "The following table(s) are missing from the target database:\n#{list}"67 end68 tables.each do |table_name|69 Source = Target = Target.establish_connection(:development)72 [Source, Target].each do |klass|73 klass.table_name = table_name74 klass.reset_column_information75 klass.inheritance_column = "foo"76 klass.record_timestamps = false77 end78 Target.primary_key = (Target.column_names.include?("id") ? "id" : nil)79 source_count = Source.count80 puts "Migrating %6d records from #{table_name}..." % source_count81 Target.delete_all82 offset = 083 while (objects = Source.offset(offset).limit(5000).order("1,2").to_a) && objects.any?84 offset += objects.size85 Target.transaction do86 objects.each do |object|87 new_object = = if Target.primary_key89 => false)90 end91 end92 end93 Target.connection.reset_pk_sequence!(table_name) if Target.primary_key94 target_count = Target.count95 abort "Some records were not migrated" unless source_count == target_count96 Object.send(:remove_const, :Target)97 Object.send(:remove_const, :Source)98 end99 end100 namespace :plugins do101 desc 'Migrates installed plugins.'102 task :migrate => :environment do103 name = ENV['NAME']104 version = nil105 version_string = ENV['VERSION']106 if version_string107 if version_string =~ /^\d+$/108 version = version_string.to_i109 if name.nil?110 abort "The VERSION argument requires a plugin NAME."111 end112 else113 abort "Invalid VERSION #{version_string} given."114 end115 end116 begin117 Redmine::Plugin.migrate(name, version)118 rescue Redmine::PluginNotFound119 abort "Plugin #{name} was not found."120 end121 case ActiveRecord::Base.schema_format122 when :ruby123 Rake::Task["db:schema:dump"].invoke124 when :sql125 Rake::Task["db:structure:dump"].invoke126 end127 end128 desc 'Copies plugins assets into the public directory.'129 task :assets => :environment do130 name = ENV['NAME']131 begin132 Redmine::Plugin.mirror_assets(name)133 rescue Redmine::PluginNotFound134 abort "Plugin #{name} was not found."135 end136 end137 desc 'Runs the plugins tests.'138 task :test do139 Rake::Task["redmine:plugins:test:units"].invoke140 Rake::Task["redmine:plugins:test:functionals"].invoke141 Rake::Task["redmine:plugins:test:integration"].invoke142 Rake::Task["redmine:plugins:test:system"].invoke143 end144 namespace :test do145 desc 'Runs the plugins unit tests.'146 task :units => "db:test:prepare" do |t|147 $: << "test"148 Rails::TestUnit::Runner.rake_run ["plugins/#{ENV['NAME'] || '*'}/test/unit/**/*_test.rb"]149 end150 desc 'Runs the plugins functional tests.'151 task :functionals => "db:test:prepare" do |t|152 $: << "test"153 Rails::TestUnit::Runner.rake_run ["plugins/#{ENV['NAME'] || '*'}/test/functional/**/*_test.rb"]154 end155 desc 'Runs the plugins integration tests.'156 task :integration => "db:test:prepare" do |t|157 $: << "test"158 Rails::TestUnit::Runner.rake_run ["plugins/#{ENV['NAME'] || '*'}/test/integration/**/*_test.rb"]159 end160 desc 'Runs the plugins system tests.'161 task :system => "db:test:prepare" do |t|162 $: << "test"163 Rails::TestUnit::Runner.rake_run ["plugins/#{ENV['NAME'] || '*'}/test/system/**/*_test.rb"]164 end165 desc 'Runs the plugins ui tests.'166 task :ui => "db:test:prepare" do |t|167 $: << "test"168 Rails::TestUnit::Runner.rake_run ["plugins/#{ENV['NAME'] || '*'}/test/ui/**/*_test.rb"]169 end170 end171 end172end173# Load plugins' rake tasks174Dir[File.join(Rails.root, "plugins/*/lib/tasks/**/*.rake")].sort.each { |ext| load ext }...

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