How to use update_activerecord_jdbc_adapter_to_beta_version method of Project.Rails Package

Best Rr_ruby code snippet using Project.Rails.update_activerecord_jdbc_adapter_to_beta_version


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...56 fix_obsolete_reference_to_rdoctask_in_rakefile57 monkeypatch_gem_source_index58 end59 if under_jruby? && rails_version == 460 update_activerecord_jdbc_adapter_to_beta_version61 end62 declare_and_install_gems63 create_files64 configure_database65 run_migrations66 end67 end68 def create_rails_app69 # remember that this has to be run with `bundle exec` to catch the correct70 # 'rails' executable (rails 3 or rails 4)!71 run_command! create_rails_app_command, :without_bundler_sandbox => true72 end73 def create_rails_app_command74 command = 'rails'75 if rails_version == 276 command << " #{directory}"77 else78 command << " new #{directory} --skip-bundle"79 end80 ruby_command(command)81 end82 def add_bundler_support83 create_file 'config/patch_bundler_into_rails_23.rb', <<'EOT'84class Rails::Boot85 def run86 load_initializer87 Rails::Initializer.class_eval do88 def load_gems89 @bundler_loaded ||= Bundler.require :default, Rails.env90 end91 end92 end94end95EOT96 add_in_file_before 'config/boot.rb', "Rails.boot!\n", <<-EOT97 load File.expand_path('../patch_bundler_into_rails_23.rb', __FILE__)98 EOT99 create_file 'config/preinitializer.rb', <<'EOT'100begin101 require 'rubygems'102 require 'bundler'103rescue LoadError104 raise "Could not load the bundler gem. Install it with `gem install bundler`."105end106if <="0.9.24")107 raise RuntimeError, "Your bundler version is too old for Rails 2.3.\n" +108 "Run `gem install bundler` to upgrade."109end110begin111 # Set up load paths for all bundled gems112 ENV["BUNDLE_GEMFILE"] = File.expand_path("../../Gemfile", __FILE__)113 Bundler.setup114rescue Bundler::GemNotFound115 raise RuntimeError, "Bundler couldn't find some gems.\n" +116 "Did you run `bundle install`?"117end118EOT119 create_file 'Gemfile', <<'EOT'120source ''121gem 'rails', '~> 2.3.0'122gem 'sqlite3-ruby', :require => 'sqlite3'123gem 'rdoc'124EOT125 end126 def monkeypatch_gem_source_index127 create_file 'config/rubygems_patch.rb',128'../../../fixtures/rubygems_patch_for_187.rb', __FILE__)),129 :without_debug => true130 # add_in_file_before 'config/boot.rb', "Rails.boot!\n", <<-EOT132 Rails::GemBoot.module_eval do133 class << self134 alias :original_load_rubygems :load_rubygems135 def load_rubygems136 original_load_rubygems137 load File.expand_path('../rubygems_patch.rb', __FILE__)138 end139 end140 end141 EOT142 end143 def fix_obsolete_reference_to_rdoctask_in_rakefile144 replace_in_file 'Rakefile', 'rake/rdoctask', 'rdoc/task'145 end146 def update_activerecord_jdbc_adapter_to_beta_version147 # The latest version of activerecord-jdbcsqlite3-adapter is not quite148 # compatible with Rails 4 -- see:149 # <>150 replace_in_file 'Gemfile',151 "gem 'activerecord-jdbcsqlite3-adapter'\n",152 "gem 'activerecord-jdbcsqlite3-adapter', '1.3.0.beta2'\n"153 end154 def configure_database155 create_file 'config/database.yml', <<EOT156development: &development157 adapter: #{sqlite_adapter}158 database: #{database_file_path}159test:160 <<: *development...

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