How to use test_helper_generator method of Project Package

Best Rr_ruby code snippet using Project.test_helper_generator


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...45 def call46 FileUtils.rm_rf directory47 FileUtils.mkdir_p File.dirname(directory)48 generate_skeleton49 end51 def add_to_prelude(string)52 test_helper_generator.configure do |file|53 file.add_to_prelude(string)54 end55 end56 def add_to_test_requires(path)57 test_helper_generator.configure do |file|58 file.add_to_requires(path)59 end60 end61 def add_test_file(&block)62, @number_of_test_files, &block)63 @number_of_test_files += 164 end65 def run_tests66 end68 def declare_and_install_gems69 declare_gems_within_gemfile70 install_gems_via_bundler71 end72 def declare_gems_within_gemfile73 append_to_file 'Gemfile', "\n\n#{build_gem_list}"74 end75 def install_gems_via_bundler76 # XXX: This will fail if some gems are not available!77 #if RR.debug?78 # run_command! "#{bundle_executable} env"79 #end80 run_command! ruby_command('bundle check || bundle install')81 end82 def within(&block)83 ret = nil84 Dir.chdir(directory) { ret = }85 ret86 end87 def exec(command)88 end90 def exec!(command)91 result = exec(command)92 if not result.success?93 raise "Command failed: #{command}"94 end95 result96 end97 def run_command(command, opts={})98 f ='rr-integration-test-file')99 contents = ""100 unless opts[:without_bundler_sandbox]101 # Bundler will set RUBYOPT to "-I <path to bundler> -r bundler/setup".102 # This is unfortunate as it causes Bundler to be loaded before we103 # load Bundler in RR::Test.setup_test_suite, thereby rendering our104 # second Bundler.setup a no-op.105 contents << <<-EOT106 export BUNDLE_BIN_PATH=""107 export BUNDLE_GEMFILE=""108 export RUBYOPT=""109 EOT110 end111 if opts[:env]112 opts[:env].split(' ').each do |pair|113 contents << "export #{pair}\n"114 end115 end116 contents << <<-EOT117 #{format_command(command)}118 exit $?119 EOT120 if RR.debug?121 puts "~ File to run ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"122 puts contents123 puts "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"124 end125 f.write(contents)126 f.close127 exec("bash #{f.path}")128 ensure129 f.unlink if f130 end131 def run_command!(command, opts={})132 result = run_command(command, opts)133 if not result.success?134 raise "Command failed: #{command}"135 end136 result137 end138 def run_command_within(command, opts={})139 within { run_command(command, opts) }140 end141 def run_command_within!(command, opts={})142 within { run_command!(command, opts) }143 end144 def format_command(command)145 if command =~ /^bundle/146 command147 else148 "bundle exec #{command}"149 end150 end151 def add_file(file_name, content)152 @files_to_add << [file_name, content]153 end154 def build_gem_list155 gem_dependencies_with_rr.156 map { |dep| gem_dependency_line(dep) }.157 join("\n")158 end159 def test_file_generator160 @test_file_generator ||= TestFile::Generator.factory161 end162 def requires_with_rr(requires)163 requires = requires.dup164 unless autorequire_gems165 if include_rr_before_test_framework166 requires.unshift 'rr'167 else168 requires.push 'rr'169 end170 end171 requires172 end173 def require_lines(requires)174 { |path| "require '#{path}'" }175 end176 def test_helper_generator177 @test_helper_generator ||= TestHelper::Generator.factory178 end179 private180 def generate_skeleton181 end182 def create_files183 @files_to_add.each do |file_name, content|184 full_file_name = File.join(directory, file_name)185 FileUtils.mkdir_p File.dirname(full_file_name)186 create_file full_file_name, content187 end188 end189 def create_link(filename, dest_filename = filename)190 FileUtils.ln_sf(File.join(root_dir, filename), File.join(directory, dest_filename))191 end...

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1proj ="test_proj", "test_proj")2proj ="test_proj", "test_proj")3 def initialize(name, desc)4 template ="templates/test_helper.rb.erb")5"test_helper.rb", "w") do |file|6 file.write(

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