How to use reset_singleton_method_added_injections method of RR Package

Best Rr_ruby code snippet using RR.reset_singleton_method_added_injections


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...55 RR.overridden_error_class = nil56 reset_ordered_doubles57 Injections::DoubleInjection.reset58 reset_method_missing_injections59 reset_singleton_method_added_injections60 reset_recorded_calls61 reset_bound_objects62 end63 # Verifies the DoubleInjection for the passed in subject and method_name.64 def verify_double(subject, method_name)65 Injections::DoubleInjection.verify_double(class << subject; self; end, method_name)66 end67 # Resets the DoubleInjection for the passed in subject and method_name.68 def reset_double(subject, method_name)69 Injections::DoubleInjection.reset_double(class << subject; self; end, method_name)70 end71 def record_call(subject, method_name, arguments, block)72 @recorded_calls << [subject, method_name, arguments, block]73 end74 def blank_slate_whitelist75 @blank_slate_whitelist ||= [76 "object_id", "respond_to?", "respond_to_missing?", "method_missing", "instance_eval", "instance_exec", "class_eval"77 ]78 end79 protected80 # Removes the ordered Doubles from the list81 def reset_ordered_doubles82 @ordered_doubles.clear83 end84 def reset_method_missing_injections85 Injections::MethodMissingInjection.instances.each do |subject_class, injection|86 injection.reset87 end88 Injections::MethodMissingInjection.instances.clear89 end90 def reset_singleton_method_added_injections91 Injections::SingletonMethodAddedInjection.instances.each do |subject, injection|92 injection.reset93 end94 Injections::SingletonMethodAddedInjection.instances.clear95 end96 def reset_recorded_calls97 @recorded_calls.clear98 end99 def reset_bound_objects100 # TODO: Figure out how to clear and reset these bindings101 #RR::Injections::DoubleInjection::BoundObjects.clear102 #RR::Injections::DoubleInjection::MethodMissingInjection.clear103 end104 end...

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