How to use all_there method of SitePrism Package

Best Site_prism code snippet using SitePrism.all_there


Source:element_checker.rb Github


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...8 #9 # Example10 # @my_page.mapped_items11 # { element => :button_one, element => :button_two, section => :filters }12 # @my_page.all_there?13 # => true - If the three items above are all present14 #15 # Note that #elements_to_check will check the hash of mapped_items16 #17 # When using the recursion parameter, one of two values is valid.18 #19 # Default: 'none' => Perform no recursion when calling #all_there?20 # Override: 'one' => Perform one recursive dive into all section/sections21 # items and call #all_there? on all of those items too.22 def all_there?(recursion: :none)23 if recursion == :none24 elements_to_check.all? { |name| there?(name) }25 elsif recursion == :one26 all_there_with_recursion27 else28 SitePrism.logger.debug("Input value '#{recursion}'. Valid values are :none or :one.")29 SitePrism.logger.error('Invalid recursion setting, Will not run #all_there?.')30 end31 end32 def elements_present33 { |name| there?(name) }34 end35 def elements_missing36 elements_to_check.reject { |name| there?(name) }37 end38 private39 def all_there_with_recursion40 if SitePrism.use_all_there_gem41 else43 end45 end46 # If the page or section has expected_items set, return expected_items that are mapped47 # otherwise just return the list of all mapped_items48 def elements_to_check49 if _expected_items50 SitePrism.logger.debug('Expected Items has been set.')51 { |name| _expected_items.include?(name) }52 else53 _mapped_items54 end55 end56 def _mapped_items57 self.class.mapped_items(legacy: false).values.flatten.uniq...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1 def search_for(search_term)2 search.set(search_term)3 home_page.search_for('siteprism')4 expect(results_page).to be_all_there5 Capybara.visit('')6 def search_for(search_term)7 fill_in('search', with: search_term)8 click_button('searchButton')9 page.all(:xpath, "//div[@id='results']")10 results.all? { |result| result.visible? }

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