How to use mappings method of SitePrism Package

Best Site_prism code snippet using SitePrism.mappings


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...27 end28 when_loaded(&block) if block_given?29 end30 def displayed?(*args)31 expected_mappings = args.last.is_a?(::Hash) ? args.pop : {}32 seconds = !args.empty? ? args.first : Waiter.default_wait_time33 raise SitePrism::NoUrlMatcherForPage if url_matcher.nil?34 begin35 Waiter.wait_until_true(seconds) { url_matches?(expected_mappings) }36 rescue SitePrism::TimeoutException37 false38 end39 end40 def url_matches(seconds = Waiter.default_wait_time)41 return unless displayed?(seconds)42 if url_matcher.is_a?(Regexp)43 regexp_backed_matches44 else45 template_backed_matches46 end47 end48 def regexp_backed_matches49 url_matcher.match(page.current_url)50 end51 def template_backed_matches52 matcher_template.mappings(page.current_url)53 end54 def self.set_url(page_url)55 @url = page_url.to_s56 end57 def self.set_url_matcher(page_url_matcher)58 @url_matcher = page_url_matcher59 end60 def self.url61 @url62 end63 def self.url_matcher64 @url_matcher || url65 end66 def url(expansion = {})67 return nil if self.class.url.nil?68 end70 def url_matcher71 self.class.url_matcher72 end73 def secure?74 current_url.start_with? 'https'75 end76 private77 def find_first(*find_args)78 find(*find_args)79 end80 def find_all(*find_args)81 all(*find_args)82 end83 def element_exists?(*find_args)84 has_selector?(*find_args)85 end86 def element_does_not_exist?(*find_args)87 has_no_selector?(*find_args)88 end89 def url_matches?(expected_mappings = {})90 case91 when url_matcher.is_a?(Regexp)92 url_matches_by_regexp?93 when url_matcher.respond_to?(:to_str)94 url_matches_by_template?(expected_mappings)95 else96 raise SitePrism::InvalidUrlMatcher97 end98 end99 def url_matches_by_regexp?100 !regexp_backed_matches.nil?101 end102 def url_matches_by_template?(expected_mappings)103 matcher_template.matches?(page.current_url, expected_mappings)104 end105 def matcher_template106 @addressable_url_matcher ||= end108 end109end...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1, :browser => :chrome)2 expect(google.results_page.search_input.value).to eq 'Hello World'3, :browser => :chrome)

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