How to use reset_webmock_method method of Curl Package

Best Webmock_ruby code snippet using Curl.reset_webmock_method


Source:curb_adapter.rb Github


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...229 def perform230 @webmock_method ||= :get231 curb_or_webmock { super }232 ensure233 reset_webmock_method234 end235 def put_data= data236 @webmock_method = :put237 @put_data = data238 super239 end240 def post_body= data241 @webmock_method = :post242 super243 end244 def delete= value245 @webmock_method = :delete if value246 super247 end248 def head= value249 @webmock_method = :head if value250 super251 end252 def verbose=(verbose)253 @verbose = verbose254 end255 def verbose?256 @verbose ||= false257 end258 def body_str259 @body_str ||= super260 end261 alias body body_str262 def response_code263 @response_code ||= super264 end265 def header_str266 @header_str ||= super267 end268 alias head header_str269 def last_effective_url270 @last_effective_url ||= super271 end272 def content_type273 @content_type ||= super274 end275 %w[ success failure missing header body complete progress debug ].each do |callback|276 class_eval <<-METHOD, __FILE__, __LINE__277 def on_#{callback} &block278 @on_#{callback} = block279 super280 end281 METHOD282 end283 def reset_webmock_method284 @webmock_method = :get285 end286 def reset287 instance_variable_set(:@body_str, nil)288 instance_variable_set(:@content_type, nil)289 instance_variable_set(:@header_str, nil)290 instance_variable_set(:@last_effective_url, nil)291 instance_variable_set(:@response_code, nil)292 super293 end294 end295 end296end...

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