How to use puts_warning_for_right_http_if_needed method of WebMock.HttpLibAdapters Package

Best Webmock_ruby code snippet using WebMock.HttpLibAdapters.puts_warning_for_right_http_if_needed


Source:webmock@3.14.0.rbi Github


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...234module WebMock::NetHTTPUtility235 class << self236 def check_right_http_connection; end237 def get_uri(net_http, path); end238 def puts_warning_for_right_http_if_needed; end239 def request_signature_from_request(net_http, request, body = T.unsafe(nil)); end240 def validate_headers(headers); end241 end242end243module WebMock::RSpecMatcherDetector244 def rSpecHashExcludingMatcher?(matcher); end245 def rSpecHashIncludingMatcher?(matcher); end246end247class WebMock::RackResponse < ::WebMock::Response248 def initialize(app); end249 def body_from_rack_response(response); end250 def build_rack_env(request); end251 def evaluate(request); end252 def session; end...

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Source:net_http.rb Github


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...143 webmock_response144 end145 def check_right_http_connection146 unless @@alredy_checked_for_right_http_connection ||= false147 WebMock::NetHTTPUtility.puts_warning_for_right_http_if_needed148 @@alredy_checked_for_right_http_connection = true149 end150 end151 end152 @webMockNetHTTP.version_1_2153 [154 [:Get, Net::HTTP::Get],155 [:Post, Net::HTTP::Post],156 [:Put, Net::HTTP::Put],157 [:Delete, Net::HTTP::Delete],158 [:Head, Net::HTTP::Head],159 [:Options, Net::HTTP::Options]160 ].each do |c|161 @webMockNetHTTP.const_set(c[0], c[1])162 end163 end164 end165end166class StubSocket #:nodoc:167 attr_accessor :read_timeout168 def initialize(*args)169 end170 def closed?171 @closed ||= true172 end173 def readuntil(*args)174 end175end176module Net #:nodoc: all177 class WebMockNetBufferedIO < BufferedIO178 def initialize(io, debug_output = nil)179 @read_timeout = 60180 @rbuf = ''181 @debug_output = debug_output182 @io = case io183 when Socket, OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket, IO184 io185 when String186 end188 raise "Unable to create local socket" unless @io189 end190 end191end192module WebMock193 module NetHTTPUtility194 def self.request_signature_from_request(net_http, request, body = nil)195 protocol = net_http.use_ssl? ? "https" : "http"196 path = request.path197 path = WebMock::Util::URI.heuristic_parse(request.path).request_uri if request.path =~ /^http/198 if request["authorization"] =~ /^Basic /199 userinfo = WebMock::Util::Headers.decode_userinfo_from_header(request["authorization"])200 userinfo = WebMock::Util::URI.encode_unsafe_chars_in_userinfo(userinfo) + "@"201 else202 userinfo = ""203 end204 uri = "#{protocol}://#{userinfo}#{net_http.address}:#{net_http.port}#{path}"205 method = request.method.downcase.to_sym206 headers = Hash[* {|k,v| [k, v]}.inject([]) {|r,x| r + x}]207 headers.reject! {|k,v| k =~ /[Aa]uthorization/ && v.first =~ /^Basic / } #we added it to url userinfo208 if request.body_stream209 body = request.body_stream.read210 request.body_stream = nil211 end212 if body != nil && body.respond_to?(:read)213 request.set_body_internal body.read214 else215 request.set_body_internal body216 end217, uri, :body => request.body, :headers => headers)218 end219 def self.check_right_http_connection220 @was_right_http_connection_loaded = defined?(RightHttpConnection)221 end222 def self.puts_warning_for_right_http_if_needed223 if !@was_right_http_connection_loaded && defined?(RightHttpConnection)224 $stderr.puts "\nWarning: RightHttpConnection has to be required before WebMock is required !!!\n"225 end226 end227 end228end229WebMock::NetHTTPUtility.check_right_http_connection...

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