How to use Enum SerenityJBehaveSystemProperties class of net.serenitybdd.jbehave package

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1package net.serenitybdd.jbehave;2/**3 * Specifies system property values for the JBehave configuration.4 */5public enum SerenityJBehaveSystemProperties {6 /**7 * Set the JBehave ignoreFailuresInStories options.8 */9 IGNORE_FAILURES_IN_STORIES,10 /**11 * @deprecated use story.timeout instead12 * How long before the JBehave stories time out (defaults to 300 seconds, or 5 minutes).13 * Note that this applies to ALL of the JBehave stories as a whole (i.e. the total test14 * time for all of the tests), not the individual tests.15 */16 STORY_TIMEOUT_IN_SECS,17 /**18 * This appears to have replaced the property in the JBehave API.19 */20 STORY_TIMEOUT,21 /**22 * JBehave meta filters expressions, separated by commas.23 * These use the meta annotations in the JBehave stories to decide what stories to24 * execute. See for details25 * on how the metafilter syntax works.26 */27 METAFILTER,28 /**29 * A regular expression that indicates which stories are included in the test run, based on the story name.30 * Can be used to speed up tests, but must be used in conjunction with the metafilter tag.31 */32 STORY_FILTER,33 /**34 * If you don't restart a browser between scenarios, do you clear the session cookies? (defaults to true)35 */36 RESET_COOKIES_EACH_SCENARIO,37 /**38 * Reset step libraries in JBehave step definitions for each scenario.39 * If this property is set to true (the default), any @Step-annotated member variables in JBehave step definitions40 * will be reinitialized before each scenario.41 */42 RESET_STEPS_EACH_SCENARIO,43 /**44 * Define a directory for the .story files, inside src/test/resources. By default, this is 'stories'45 */46 STORY_DIRECTORY,47 /**48 * If the JBehave stories are in a JAR file, we need to provide a semi-colon separated list of packages for49 * the test runner to look in, e.g. "/my/package;/my/other/package"50 * If the stories are in the root package or in the "stories" folder, this is not required.51 */52 JBEHAVE_STORY_PACKAGES,53 /**54 * Controls the ignoreFailuresInView flag in JBehave (see */56 IGNORE_FAILURES_IN_VIEW,57 /**58 * The number of threads to run stories in.59 */60 JBEHAVE_THREADS;61 public String getName() {return toString().toLowerCase().replaceAll("_",".");}62}...

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Enum SerenityJBehaveSystemProperties

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1public enum SerenityJBehaveSystemProperties implements SerenitySystemProperties {2 STORY_TIMEOUT("serenity.jbehave.story.timeout"),3 STORY_TIMEOUT_UNIT("serenity.jbehave.story.timeout.unit"),4 BATCH_SIZE("serenity.jbehave.batch.size"),5 BATCH_STRATEGY("serenity.jbehave.batch.strategy"),6 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAMS("serenity.jbehave.batch.strategy.params"),7 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAMS_SEPARATOR("serenity.jbehave.batch.strategy.params.separator"),8 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAMS_KEY_VALUE_SEPARATOR("serenity.jbehave.batch.strategy.params.key.value.separator"),9 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAMS_KEY_VALUE_SEPARATOR_DEFAULT("="),10 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAMS_SEPARATOR_DEFAULT(","),11 BATCH_STRATEGY_DEFAULT("none"),12 BATCH_SIZE_DEFAULT(0),13 STORY_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT(0),14 STORY_TIMEOUT_UNIT_DEFAULT(""),15 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAM_KEY("param"),16 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAM_VALUE("value"),17 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAM_KEY_DEFAULT(""),18 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAM_VALUE_DEFAULT(""),19 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAM_KEY_VALUE_SEPARATOR_DEFAULT("="),20 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAM_SEPARATOR_DEFAULT(","),21 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAM_SEPARATOR("serenity.jbehave.batch.strategy.param.separator"),22 BATCH_STRATEGY_PARAM_KEY_VALUE_SEPARATOR("serenity.jbehave.batch.strategy.param.key.value.separator"),23 STORY_TIMEOUT_UNIT_DEFAULT(""),24 STORY_TIMEOUT("serenity.jbehave.story.timeout"),25 STORY_TIMEOUT_UNIT("serenity.jbehave.story.timeout.unit"),26 BATCH_SIZE("serenity.jbehave.batch.size"),

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