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1/* (rank 90) copied from
2 * Copyright (c) 2017 Mockito contributors
3 * This program is made available under the terms of the MIT License.
4 */
5package org.mockito.errorprone.bugpatterns;
7import static;
8import static;
9import static;
15import com.sun.source.tree.ExpressionTree;
16import com.sun.source.tree.MethodInvocationTree;
18import java.util.regex.Pattern;
21 * Matches on usage of {@code Mockito.argThat(Matcher)} with a matcher that does not extend
22 * ArgumentMatcher.
23 */
26    name = "MockitoAnyIncorrectPrimitiveType",
27    summary = "Matcher mismatch: incorrect use of any() or anyX() to match a primitive argument",
28    severity = ERROR,
29    linkType = CUSTOM,
30    link = "",
31    explanation =
32        "Mockito relies on Java type checking to ensure that parameter matchers are"
33            + " type safe but there are some discrepancies between what the Java type checker"
34            + " allows and what Mockito expects. e.g. Java will allow anyInt() to be used as a"
35            + " matcher for a long parameter because an int can be widened to a long. This"
36            + " checker highlights those incorrect usages and suggests replacements. In Mockito"
37            + " 1.x this was not really an issue because the anyX() methods did not do runtime"
38            + " type checking of the arguments but in Mockito 2.x they do."
39            + " Java will also allow any() to be used within a primitive but any() returns null and"
40            + " the compiler wraps that call in unboxing which leads to a NPE.")
41public class MockitoAnyIncorrectPrimitiveType extends AbstractMockitoAnyForPrimitiveType {
43  // Match against any() or any of the any<x>() methods.
44  private static final Pattern METHOD_NAME_PATTERN =
45      Pattern.compile("any(Boolean|Byte|Char|Double|Float|Int|Long|Short)?");
47  private static final String[] CLASS_NAMES = {
48    "org.mockito.ArgumentMatchers", "org.mockito.Mockito", "org.mockito.Matchers"
49  };
51  private static final Matcher<ExpressionTree> METHOD_MATCHER =
52      staticMethod().onClassAny(CLASS_NAMES).withNameMatching(METHOD_NAME_PATTERN).withParameters();
54  @Override
55  protected Matcher<? super MethodInvocationTree> matcher() {
56    return METHOD_MATCHER;
57  }
59  @Override
60  protected String formatMessage(
61      String expectedTypeAsString, Type matcherType, String replacementName) {
62    return String.format(
63        "Matcher mismatch: expected matcher for parameter of type '%s',"
64            + " found matcher for parameter of type '%s'",
65        expectedTypeAsString, matcherType);
66  }
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