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Scraping Dynamic Web Pages

Scraping Dynamic Web Pages Using Selenium And C#

Today’s websites are a lot different from yesteryears, where content on a majority of the websites is dynamic in nature. The content in dynamic pages varies from one user request to another based on the website visitor’s actions.

Himanshu Sheth
March 29, 2021
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NUnit vs. XUnit vs. MSTest: Comparing Unit Testing Frameworks In C#

One of the most challenging things to do is ‘making the right choice.’ Arriving at a decision becomes even more complicated when there are multiple options in front of you☺.

Himanshu Sheth
March 22, 2021
Selenium C# • Automation •
Parameterized Tests For Selenium

XUnit Tutorial: Parameterized Tests For Selenium Testing

When a developer comes up with unit tests, there are multiple ways through which they try to optimize the test code. Reduction of code size by reusing the existing code is one way of achieving the same.

Himanshu Sheth
March 18, 2021
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Most Complete MSTest Framework Tutorial Using .Net Core

With the advent of programming languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, etc., there is thinking amongst the developer community that the C language is losing relevance.

Himanshu Sheth
March 6, 2021
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How To Use NUnit Annotations For Selenium Automation Testing [With Example]

When it comes to using object-oriented programming languages for development & testing, C# is still considered a good choice by the developer community. MSTest/Visual Studio,, and NUnit are some of the top-most frameworks that can be used for automated browser testing.

Himanshu Sheth
March 1, 2021
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Using Asserts In NUnit Using Selenium

How To Use Asserts In NUnit Using Selenium?

When you are working on unit tests, there are scenarios where you wished that the execution should have stopped but alas, the most important part, ‘The Assertion,’ was missed.

Himanshu Sheth
February 8, 2021
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NUnit Tutorial: Setting Up NUnit Environment With Visual Studio

NUnit is a popular open-source unit testing framework for C#. It is ported from the JUnit framework. It is one of the most popular test frameworks used for the development and execution of tests with the .NET language.

Himanshu Sheth
February 3, 2021
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How to Generate Test Report In NUnit

How To Generate Test Report In NUnit?

Test reports are an integral part of any activity related to testing, whether it is automation testing or manual testing. Test reports help track how the activities related to automation testing have evolved over a period of time.

Himanshu Sheth
December 15, 2020
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Parameterized Tests With Examples

NUnit Tutorial: Parameterized Tests With Examples

Cross browser testing has become an integral part of the test process to ensure the product experience and behavior remains consistent across different combinations of web browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Himanshu Sheth
December 2, 2020
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Xunit testing tutorial

XUnit Testing Tutorial: Running First Script in XUnit

In our earlier blog under the xUnit testing tutorial series, we had a look at setting up the framework (further referred as xUnit) in Visual Studio 2019 (VS 2019). Today our core focus is on Selenium test automation with C#.

Himanshu Sheth
October 16, 2020
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