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Xcode for Windows

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How To Use Xcode for Windows To Build iOS Apps

Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that runs exclusively on macOS. This means that Xcode cannot be used on Windows machines, posing a significant challenge for developers.

July 5, 2024

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Mobile Website vs App

Mobile App Testing

Mobile Website vs App: Key Differences

Organizations often struggle to decide whether to create a mobile app for users to download or a mobile website. A mobile website is accessed through web browsers, while mobile apps are downloaded from app stores.

June 25, 2024

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Mobile Accessibility Testing Checklist, Process and Tools Feature Image

Mobile App TestingAccessibility Testing

Mobile Accessibility Testing: Checklist, Process and Tools

With the growth in digitalization, the use of mobile applications is increasing. As per Statista, by 2026, users are expected to download around 143 billion mobile apps from the Google Play Store.

June 20, 2024

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How to Test iOS Apps on Multiple Devices Feature Image

Mobile App Testing

How to Test iOS Apps on Multiple Devices

On thе Applе App Storе, thеrе arе millions of iOS apps eying for attеntion. Therefore, releasing quality apps on the App Store is important.

May 24, 2024

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How to Use iPhone Simulators on Windows Feature Image

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How To Use iPhone Simulator For Windows

Using iPhone simulators for Windows allows developers and testers to test their iOS applications on virtual iOS devices without needing physical iOS devices or a Mac.

April 30, 2024

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How To Perform React Native Testing Using Appium

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How To Perform React Native Testing Using Appium

With the technology emerging so fast, mobile apps have captured most of the industry market. Every organization is focused on creating a new app for their business platform, and the React Native framework is trending in developing mobile apps.

April 12, 2024

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11 Best Mobile Automation Testing Tools 480px

Mobile App Testing

11 Best Mobile Automation Testing Tools [2024]

Mobile application development is on the rise like never before, and it proportionally invites the need to perform thorough testing with the right mobile testing strategies. The strategies majorly involve the usage of various mobile automation testing tools.

March 28, 2024

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React Native

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Flutter vs React Native: Which is Right for You In 2024?

In today’s tech landscape, businesses increasingly use cross-platform solutions to streamline their mobile app projects. Users interact with these businesses with smartphones, tablets, web apps, etc.

March 22, 2024

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Mobile App TestingMobile Web

5 Common Android Problems and How To Fix Them

With the widespread usage of smartphones, people are using mobile devices for accessing the internet. Therefore, testing across a variety of devices is essential to deliver a smooth user experience for everyone.

March 21, 2024

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Mobile App Testing

12 Key Mobile App Testing Challenges And Solutions [2024]

This article is a part of our Content Hub. For more in-depth resources, check out our content hub on Mobile App Testing Tutorial. Over the last decade, the usage of mobile devices has skyrocketed globally. According to Statista, the number of smartphone users will surpass 7.7 billion by 2028.

March 20, 2024

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