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Selenium Python cheat sheet

The Ultimate Selenium Python Cheat Sheet for Test Automation

Python is one of the most popular programming languages for Selenium web automation since it provides a simplified syntax and lets you perform more with much less code! Thus, Python and Selenium form an ideal combination to perform web automation testing!

Vinayak Sharma
August 16, 2021
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XPath Locators

Most Exhaustive XPath Locators Cheat Sheet

The Selenium framework lets you interact with the WebElements in the DOM. For realizing the interaction(s), it is important to choose the appropriate locator from the available Selenium web locators.

Vinayak Sharma
July 19, 2021
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The Ultimate CSS Selectors Cheat Sheet You Must Know

As a front-end developer, there are many times when you say, β€œWhat’s that property that takes child elements and applies CSS?” or something on the same thoughts. CSS is endless when you start to learn it.

Harish Rajora
May 4, 2021
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