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Lauren is a Lead Automation Engineer specializing in web-based application automation and Agile coaching. She maintains the Medium publication 'Software QE', and advises teams on QA & automation best practices. Outside of work, she enjoys biking, swimming, video games & traveling to the best foodie cities around the world."

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Impact-Driven Automation

Impact-Driven Automation Testing For Ecommerce Websites

Every piece of software is unique: different tech stacks, varying coding styles, wide arrays of use cases, and distinct ways in which the software itself will be exercised. Due to this, testing methodologies, be it manual or automated, are also unique.

Lauren Christianson
August 25, 2021
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Enabling Agile Software Testing With Automation

Over the years, I’ve worked with teams at varying levels of Agile maturity. Some, completely new to Agile, others β€˜doing’ Agile (talking the talk), and very few being Agile (walking the walk).

Lauren Christianson
June 25, 2021
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