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Manoj is VP-Developer Relations at LambdaTest and also leads the Office of Open Source. He is an open-source enthusiast and has contributed to various libraries in the quality ecosystem. Notably, Manoj is a contributor to the Selenium project and is also a member of the project leadership committee for Selenium. He is an Appium committer too. Manoj is passionate about sharing knowledge and has delivered keynote sessions at Selenium Conference, STeP-IN, and SLASSCOM apart from other technical talks around the world. He is an avid accessibility practitioner and also a voluntary member of the W3C ACT-R group. Manoj has previously worked at and been a part of digital transformation programs at leading companies like Thoughtworks, Wipro, and IAG, among others.

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Accessibility is all about going the extra mile

Thought Leadership

Accessibility is all about going the extra mile!

It is that time of the year when the spotlight is (rightfully) on accessibility again.

May 18, 2023

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