Top 22 Selenium Automation Testing Blogs To Look Out In 2020

Himanshu Sheth

Posted On: December 26, 2019

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If you are a web tester then somewhere down the road you will have to come across Selenium, an open-source test automation framework that has been on boom ever since its launch in 2004.

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Apart from online tutorials and MOOC content, there are plenty of Selenium testing blogs where you can get insightful information about automation testing with Selenium as well as tips & tricks related to software development. In this article, we have a look at the top 21 Selenium testing blogs (in no particular order) that would be helpful in your testing expedition. So you can impress your boss by catching more websites or web application bugs in a considerably short span of time.

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If you’re new to Selenium and wondering what it is then we recommend checking out our guide – What is Selenium?

1. Software Testing Help

Software Testing Help has been helping the testing community since 2006. It has resources & tutorials related to software testing, automated browser testing, software development, software reviews, agile methodologies, and much more. As the content is top-notch, the website has amassed close to 100 million+ visits to date.


It has a range of tutorials on Selenium automation testing which makes it an ideal resource for testers & developers with a range of experience. Automation testers who are getting started with their careers can refer to “Getting Started” tutorials with Selenium WebDriver. Experienced professionals can refer to the site for advanced material present on the site.

There are a number of articles on cross browser testing, Selenium testing, test frameworks for cross browser testing, automated browser testing, and much more. You can also subscribe to their free e-books via email. As the content quality is maintained, it is a good resource for folks into automation testing.

2. Guru99

As stated on their website, Guru99 was founded to make quality education affordable to the masses. Apart from software testing, they also cover other technologies like SAP, Informatica, JMeter, etc. Keeping the other offerings aside, Guru99 has an ocean of information on diverse topics related to automation testing, cross browser testing, black-box testing, white-box testing, and much more.


If you prepare for the testing certifications like International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA), or any other certification, you should definitely check them out. They also offer live testing projects which can be an ideal start for someone who wants to pursue a career in software testing.

The website has tons of information on Selenium automation testing. Whether it is automation testing using Selenium, Python, C#, or any other programming language, they have it all covered. It is one of the few Selenium testing blogs that have content that is useful for newbie automation testers as well as the experienced lot.

3. Software Testing Material

Software Testing Material is founded by Rajkumar SM with an intention to help the testing community. It presents free tutorials on different testing topics including Manual & Automation Testing. It has helped millions of people with a wide range of tutorials on automation testing tools like Selenium. If you are a beginner in the field of Software Testing then it’s a one-stop website to learn courses like Software Testing, Automation Testing, Selenium, LambdaTest, Java, Python, API Testing, Postman, Appium, and many more. You can find free resources, resume preparation guides, interview preparation guides, etc., You can learn about Cross Browser Testing tools like LambdaTest here on STM site.


4. Impact QA

ImpactQA has decades of experience and expertise in the field on software testing. They cover a wide range of topic including Functional, Automation, Manual, Performance, QA Consulting and much more. You can also go through their Case Studies on organizations like KFC, Oracle, Panasonic & Airtel.

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They also cover several Articles on Selenium testing, test frameworks for automated cross browser testing, API testing, and much more. Impact QA’s blogs are a good resource for readers at the beginning of their learning curve. They cover a lot of in-depth articles on the ongoing trends, right tools for automation which can really help readers looking to gain more knowledge on the topic.

5. DZone

DZone was founded in the year 1997 by Rick Ross. The content is driven by the community members who share their knowledge via articles on the website. It is the world’s largest online community and publisher of valuable resources for software developers.
DZone has 70,000+ articles, 200+ refcards (cheat sheets), 30+ guides, and 14 zones. The advantage of publishing articles on DZone is that the content reaches millions of DZone members. Members are ranked based on the contributions they make to the website. DZone has an editorial team that reviews the content so that top quality content reaches the members.


There are a number of articles with source code implementation on Selenium automation testing, cross browser testing, testing frameworks, and more. As the content is moderated, DZone has managed to keep up with the quality, making it one of the favored Selenium testing blogs. However, Selenium is not all it covers. You can also find resources around AI, Big Data, Microservices, IoT and a wide range of technology topics.

6. LambdaTest

LambdaTest being the fastest-growing cross browser testing cloud aims at making an effective contribution towards the testing community. They offer resources such as blogs, infographics, and even webinars around Selenium testing and automated browser testing, and more. The blog section of LambdaTest has a lot of detailed articles on cross browser testing using Selenium automation. There is quality content that covers the usage of test frameworks with programming languages like C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, etc.

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LambdaTest Blog offers resources around the latest trends and technologies in the testing domain, along with a dedicated category of Selenium tutorials.

LambdaTest also organizes free webinars around Selenium automation testing with virtuosos in test automation.

Run your Selenium tests with AWS marketplace directly on the cloud.

7. ToolsQA

ToolsQA is a blog that was started with the intention to make learning Selenium fun, easy, and simple. It has a lot of tutorials on software testing, Selenium automation testing, API testing tools, mobile testing tools, performance testing tools, and more. The passion of the founder for Selenium is visible on the quality content available on ToolsQA. It also has various tutorials on Selenium IDE, TestNG, Appium, mobile application testing, etc.


There is also a Q&A section where you can post your questions and get support from the other users registered on the website. It also offers online Selenium training that might be useful for inexperienced as well as experienced professionals in automation testing. There are detailed tutorials on Selenium with C#, Selenium with Java, SpecFlow, and other topics related to software testing.

8. Q&A Communities – Stack Exchange & Stack Overflow

If you are into automation testing or any other type of testing, you would have definitely heard of Stack Exchange or Stack Overflow, a Q&A community that was launched in 2010. The best way of giving back to the technical community is to attempt the questions asked by the users on the portal.

It is one of the most trusted websites by software developers as it gives them an opportunity to learn from other developers/testers and also share their knowledge with the growing community. Stack Overflow along with Stack Exchange serves more than 50 million developers every month.

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As of writing this article, there are close to 69,000 questions tagged Selenium and 36,000 questions tagged Selenium-WebDriver.

9. Automation Panda

If you are experienced with automation testing, you would most probably be already aware of the Automation Panda, a blog started by Andrew Knight. He has experience in building test automation systems from scratch and also setting up test infrastructure to test in CI (Continuous Integration).

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Though there is content on software development and testing, the primary focus of the blog is Automation testing. The author comes up with the content based on his own experience with Selenium testing. Examples of automation testing using a range of programming languages like C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, etc. are present on the blog.
It is an ideal resource for someone who wants to move to the next level in their test automation career as you can learn a lot from this blog.

LambdaTest also collaborated with the Automation Panda over a free webinar around Web UI testing with Selenium Python. Here is a full recording of the entire webinar.


10. StickyMinds

StickyMinds is one of the online communities by TechWell. Apart from Selenium automation testing, there are a range of topics on testing. It is one of the Selenium testing blogs that is built around the community so that users/readers of the blog can learn from each other.
This Selenium testing blog was launched way back in 2001 and covers a range of topics from test management, test tools, Agile testing, test automation, along with the core topic i.e. Selenium testing.


Quality content that is uploaded to the site on a regular basis and the presence of Q&A makes it an ideal destination for someone who is connected to testing, particularly automated browser testing.

11. TestGuild

TestGuild is another great Selenium testing blog, providing a range of other topics related to testing automation by renowned author Joe Colantonio. Joe is a test automation architect with Fortune 100 Company. TestGuild was started with the mission to help individuals and organizations succeed in activities related to testing automation.


Since Joe has rich experience with automation testing, it makes this Selenium testing blog-worthy to follow as you are learning from his experience related to automation testing. Along with tips related to Selenium testing, he also writes reviews of books that are about automation testing.

Along with textual content, TestGuild also has podcasts where you can learn the nuances of automation testing while on the go. In fact, our Director of Product and Growth had an interesting podcast session with Joe where they addressed the relevance of cross browser testing in modern web development. Here is the full podcast.

12. UltimateQA

UltimateQA is a Selenium testing blog by Nikolay Advolodkin. It is a good resource for people who are venturing into automation testing and also experienced professionals who want to enhance their skills by learning from experts. The topics covered are Selenium testing, quality assurance, tips & tricks on Selenium WebDriver, and more.


There are also video tutorials where the author of the blog walks you through various aspects of Selenium automation testing in more detail.

13. Automate The Planet

Automate The Planet is a blog by Anton Angelov, CTO & co-founder of Automate The Planet Ltd, inventor of BELLATRIX Test Automation Framework and MEISSA Distributed Test Runner. He is also an international speaker on automation testing and was the DZone most valuable blogger with more than 150+ articles with over 2 million views. The credentials of the author are enough to follow the blog☺.

Apart from Selenium testing blog, automated browser testing, and other topics on test automation; the elegance of the blog lies on the how the author focuses on different solutions to the same problem. This not only helps the reader improve technical skills but also helps them maneuver their thought process in automation testing.


It is one of the few Selenium testing blogs that has number of cheat-sheets which can be used as a handy reference when performing automation testing.

14. Adventures in Automation

Adventures in automation’ by T.J. Maher has been online since 2015. T.J. Maher is a frequent contributor to TechBeacon and has been in the software testing field since 1996. The content of this blog is truly unique as it caters to different topics on testing e.g. BDD that is rarely covered on other blogs.

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The blog on using API testing to enhance Selenium automation is a guide for someone who wants to ace in Selenium automation testing. There is good content on automated browser testing, Selenium WebDriver, etc. that is demonstrated with examples.

15. Elemental Selenium

If you are a tester who aims to improve proficiency in Selenium automation testing using one particular programming language, then you should follow Dave Haeffner’s blog called Elemental Selenium. Once you are on the blog, you can subscribe for the newsletter that is delivered every Tuesday. You can choose from a range of programming languages namely, C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, and Ruby.

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The archive section of the blog contains a gold mine of information to resolve standard issues related to automated browser testing and Selenium WebDriver. A Selenium testing blog that is a part of the must-follow category!

16. Continuous Testing Blog

How can we ignore a blog on continuous mobile testing when creating a list of Selenium testing blogs? Selenium automation testing and automated browser testing on non-mobile devices is challenging but the challenge grows multi-fold when the testing is performed on a hand-held device.

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Eran Kinsbruner who is the author of the bog has 20 years of industry experience. The blog has quality content that can be used to simplify mobile test automation. Continuous Testing Blog also has content related to continuous testing, AI in automation testing, and much more.

17. Software Testing Magazine

Software Testing Magazine covers a range of topics related to testing i.e. integration testing, agile testing, Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Test-Driven Development (TDD), functional testing, load testing, and more. It also has good information on Selenium WebDriver, Selenium automation testing, and automated browser testing.

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The video tutorials on the blog are also very useful as you can learn on the go. It also keeps you updated about the various software testing conferences that happen across the world so that you also get to learn from fellow testers in your city.

18. Techlistic

Techlistic is a good technical blog that covers topics like Java for Selenium, Software Testing Concepts, TestNG and Automation frameworks, along with tutorials on the Selenium WebDriver.

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The topics on automated browser testing are useful for someone who has an inclination towards automation testing. The interesting aspect of the Techlistic blog is that it has a list of demo websites where test automation enthusiasts can practice real-time Selenium scenarios. The assignment section is also useful as someone who has entered the field of Selenium automation testing gets an opportunity to test their Selenium skills by working on real-time assignments.

19. (earlier TeachMeSelenium) is a blog by Shadab Ansari who has a wide range of experience in front-end/back-end development and test automation. The blog has detailed tutorials on topics like automation testing, cross browser testing, Selenium framework, JavaScript, React.js, etc.

As the author has hands-on experience on Selenium, he has shared a lot of interesting tips & tricks which have been derived from issues he faced while working on the test framework. There are a number of tutorials on Page Object Models, Selenium with Python, Selenium with JavaScript, Selenium with Ruby, and much more.

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The author has also covered Selenium concepts via video tutorials. It is also one of the few Selenium testing blogs that has a wide range of topics on cross browser testing and automated browser testing.

20. Assert Selenium

Assert Selenium is a blog focused on Selenium automation testing by Major Kumar K. The author of the blog is a member of the Selenium community since 2010 and has 7 years experience in test automation. He is also the co-author of some of the chapters in Selenium documentation.

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The blog has a range of topics from the Selenium framework, design patterns, image processing, accessibility testing, and more. As this Selenium testing blog is by one of the members of SeleniumHQ, there are a lot of blogs e.g. features in Selenium 4 that are very insightful as it comes from someone who not only has experience with Selenium but has also contributed to the Selenium framework.

21. Easy Selenium

Easy Selenium is a blog that has in-depth information on a range of topics – manual testing, Selenium automation testing, Selenium WebDriver concepts, performance testing, and more. It is one of the Selenium testing blogs that should be followed by someone who is willing to build a career in automation testing as there are many ‘Getting Started’ tutorials on the blog.

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The Selenium tutorials focus on the basics of automated browser testing, Selenium architecture, setting up Eclipse for Selenium automation, Selenium WebDriver locators, Selenium with Java (Basics), and much more. If you are into mobile testing, you should definitely check out the section where the Appium framework is covered in the form of tutorials.

22. Test Automation Guru

Test Automation Guru is a blog focused on development and testing by Vinoth Selvaraj. He has been working as a Principal SDET/Automation Architect. As mentioned in the bio on the blog, the author enjoys automating everything and is really passionate about Selenium automation testing.

Test Automation Guru has a number of blogs on design patterns and Kafka. If you are someone who is also interested in DevOps, be sure to check out the DevOps section on the blog. There is a lot of diversified information on the blog as many articles touch upon Reactive programming, Spring Boot, Spring WebFlux, and more.

Test Automation Guru

Different aspects of test automation are covered and these include performance testing, functional test automation, Selenium automation testing, JMeter, and best practices in automation testing.

Though there are a number of Selenium testing blogs, Test Automation Guru has content that is not only limited to test automation. Hence, this blog can be followed by someone who is into automation testing, as well as, by someone who is into software development!

BONUS Software Testing Class

Software Testing Class is another useful testing blog that has articles & implementation on diversified topics related to software testing, particularly Selenium testing blogs.

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Whether it is database testing, system testing, performance testing, installation testing, or any other type of testing, Like Guru99, this site has also got you covered for every type of testing. The website also has a lot of training materials related to certification exams in the testing domain. The quiz section makes the reader much more involved on the website. For automation testing enthusiasts, there is a lot of content on the Selenium framework, cross browser testing with Selenium, and more.

Did You Note Them All?

As per a report titled Software Fail Watch, software failures caused financial losses of $1.7 billion affecting close to 3.6 billion people and 268 years in downtime on a cumulative basis. Along with website development, organizations invest heavily in website testing to ensure bugs do not reach the production stage. To avoid being a part of the ‘glitch economy’, organizations use a double thronged strategy where Selenium automation testing, as well as manual cross browser testing, goes hand in hand.

Automation testing with Selenium has empowered organizations to automate web application testing for eliminating the boredom and bandwidth that comes with repetitive test scenarios. All so their manual testers could come up with more unique and critical test scenarios.

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Selenium testing blogs are one of the best free resources from which you can learn and enhance your skill sets. Learning the nuances of Selenium automation is the key to building a career in test automation. We hope that these Selenium testing blogs help you in enriching your knowledge and skills in Selenium automation testing.

If you feel that any particular blog should make it to the list of Selenium testing blogs to be followed in 2020, do leave the link in the comments section. Happy testing and an exciting 2020! 🙂

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