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Himanshu Sheth is a seasoned technologist and blogger with more than 15+ years of diverse working experience. He currently works as the 'Lead Developer Evangelist' and 'Senior Manager [Technical Content Marketing]' at LambdaTest. He is very active with the startup community in Bengaluru (and down South) and loves interacting with passionate founders on his personal blog (which he has been maintaining since last 15+ years).

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Selenium WebDriverAutomationTutorial

How To Automate Desktops Apps Using WinAppDriver

Modern-day software applications can be accessed in numerous ways. You can install them on desktops and smartphones or directly launch them on web browsers. Many people think that the Desktop is legacy, but that’s not the case, as each of us uses numerous desktop applications daily.

December 16, 2022

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38 Best CI/CD Tools For 2022


38 Best CI/CD Tools For 2023

This article is a part of our Content Hub. For more in-depth resources, check out our content hub on Top CI/CD Tools Comparison. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) or CI/CD have become integral to software development and DevOps testing. It provides developers with the necessary features to deploy the code continuously.

July 19, 2022

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HyperExecuteLambdaTest Updates

Live With HyperExecute: Blazing Fast Next-Gen Selenium Testing Cloud

The last few weeks have been super-exciting for the entire team at LambdaTest! As seen in our 2021 recap video, the passionate team at LambdaTest achieved a lot of feats in that year. We welcomed 2022 with a big bang by launching a new product named HyperExecute.

January 17, 2022

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AutomationCross Browser TestingSelenium TutorialTutorial

Cross Browser Testing In Selenium [Tutorial]

This article is a part of our Content Hub. For more in-depth resources, check out our content hub on Cross Browser Testing Tutorial. Selenium is a popular automation testing framework that is primarily used for cross browser testing. It is an open-source framework that is primarily used for automating testing of web applications (and websites) … Continue reading Cross Browser Testing In Selenium [Tutorial]

October 25, 2021

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Page Factory in Selenium

AutomationSelenium JavaTutorial

Page Factory in Selenium For Web Automation Testing

Automation testing has become an absolute necessity in an agile and fast-paced business environment with an immense focus on accelerated time to market.

October 11, 2021

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Selenium Python Tutorial

Selenium PythonAutomationTutorial

Selenium Python Tutorial: A Python Automation Testing Guide with examples

Python is a programming language that needs no introduction! It is one of the most preferred languages when it comes to projects involving Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence(AI), and more.

October 1, 2021

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data driven framework in selenium

AutomationSelenium JavaTutorial

How To Create Data Driven Framework In Selenium

The efficiency of test automation largely depends on how well the ‘functionality under test’ is behaving against different input combinations.

September 28, 2021

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What Is Internationalization And Localization

Selenium TutorialTutorial

How to Perform Internationalization And Localization Testing: A Complete Guide

Nowadays, many organizations have software products (websites or apps) that are built for a global audience. One of the trickiest parts is delivering an experience that appeals to the local audience of the target market. Catering to the needs of the local users would require localization.

September 16, 2021

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Selenium WebDriver PHP tutorial

Selenium PHPAutomationTutorial

Start Selenium With Edge Browser Using PHP

When we refer to cross browser testing, the majority of the developers (and automation testers) assume that testing on the latest browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge should be sufficient to ship a top-notch product.

September 14, 2021

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AutomationCypress Testing

How To Perform Cypress Testing At Scale With LambdaTest

Web products of top-notch quality can only be realized when the emphasis is laid on every aspect of the product. This is where web automation testing plays a major role in testing the features of the product inside-out.

June 25, 2021

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