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Assert in selenum webdriver

How to use Assert and Verify in Selenium WebDriver

During the process of Selenium Automation Testing, you would come across a number of scenarios where a decision needs to be taken regarding “What if the test(s) result in a failure?”.

Himanshu Sheth
May 6, 2021
Selenium Webdriver •
perform Mouse Actions in Selenium WebDriver

How to perform Mouse Actions in Selenium WebDriver

A web product (or website) comprises multiple web elements like buttons, text boxes, checkboxes, menus, sliders, and more.

Himanshu Sheth
April 27, 2021
Automation • Selenium Webdriver •

Getting Started With Nose2 in Python [Tutorial]

Nose2 is a popular test runner in Python that can detect the unit tests in your project and execute them. If you are familiar with unittest – Python’s standard library and prefer the same over other test automation frameworks in Python, then you should have a brief look at Nose2 Python.

Himanshu Sheth
April 21, 2021
Selenium Python • Automation •
Nose In Python

Getting Started With Nose In Python [Tutorial]

A challenge that many developers face in Selenium test automation is choosing the right test framework that can help them come up with automated tests with minimal (or no) requirement of boilerplate code.

Himanshu Sheth
April 16, 2021
Selenium Python • Automation •
Expected Conditions in Selenium

What Is ExpectedConditions In Selenium (With Examples)

The majority of the web products use AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), due to which elements on the page are loaded at varying time intervals. This can lead to timing issues when automation testing is performed using the Selenium framework.

Himanshu Sheth
April 14, 2021
Automation •

Handling Multiple Browser Windows And Tabs In Selenium PHP

One of the common scenarios in a web application (or a web app) is opening up a new browser window (or tab) once the user performs a specific activity.

Himanshu Sheth
April 12, 2021
Automation •
speed-up-selenium-test -cases-execution

How To Speed Up Selenium Test Cases Execution?

The primary intent of Selenium automation testing is to expedite the testing process. In the majority of the cases, automation tests using Selenium perform exceptionally better than the manual counterparts.

Himanshu Sheth
April 7, 2021
Automation • Selenium Testing •
Execute JavaScript In Selenium Php

How To Execute JavaScript In Selenium PHP?

There are cases where test scenarios may fail unexpectedly with Selenium commands (e.g., click operation on the button web element does not result in a click even though the button is enabled).

Himanshu Sheth
April 5, 2021
Selenium PHP • JavaScript •
Scraping Dynamic Web Pages

Scraping Dynamic Web Pages Using Selenium And C#

Today’s websites are a lot different from yesteryears, where content on a majority of the websites is dynamic in nature. The content in dynamic pages varies from one user request to another based on the website visitor’s actions.

Himanshu Sheth
March 29, 2021
Selenium C# •
Implicit and Explicit Wait

How To Handle Synchronization In Selenium PHP Using Implicit and Explicit Wait?

One of the significant challenges with automation testing is dealing with web elements that are loaded dynamically through AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) and JavaScript.

Himanshu Sheth
March 26, 2021
Selenium PHP •