Test with Internet Explorer on Mac

Test your website and web applications on multiple versions of Internet Explorer from your Mac machines.

Test IE On Mac

How to Test on Internet Explorer Browsers Using Mac Machine?

Well, You landed on the right place. With LambdaTest, you can access IE 7 , IE 8, IE 9, IE 10, and IE 11 directly from your MacOS machine. No need to carry an old windows machine or set up an in-house testing lab just to be able to test on internet explorer browsers. You can test on dev and beta versions of Internet Explorer from anywhere any time.

Test IE On Mac

Real Time Access to Your Choice of IE Browser and OS

You get 3000+ OS and Browser combinations just a click away. Test your websites and web apps on latest and legacy version of browsers including Internet Explorer. A dedicated machine will fire on cloud with option to choose the location, OS, browser and resolution with live debugging and bug marking tools integration so you can focus on what matters the most.

Test IE On Mac

Scalable Selenium Grid Built For Speed

We help you cut down on your build times and speed up your time to market. Run your Selenium automated tests in parallel on our cloud-based internet explorer browser. Our scalable Selenium infrastructure gives you the power to conduct tests on internet explorer from any mac machine. Deliver faster every single time.

Test IE On Mac

Test Local Pages For Internet Explorer On Mac

You can create a secure tunnel between your local host and LambdaTest to check your web pages on a real environment hosted on cloud. You can test locally hosted or privately hosted files on real internet explorer browsers running on real windows operating systems.

Test IE On Mac

Geolocation Testing For Internet Explorer On MacOS

Check your website's compatibility with thousands of browsers around the globe to ensure a user-friendly online experience for your customers anywhere in the world. Geo Targeting, Geo Blocking, and Geo Localization can be tested in 50+ countries including India, Japan, United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and more.

Test IE On Mac

Faster Automated Screenshot Testing On IE For Mac

The LambdaTest Automated Screenshot Generation feature helps you rapidly test your website and web app’s layout on Microsoft Internet Explorer browser even if you are using a Mac. You can schedule the screenshots for your preferred interval and then never have to worry about doing it manually.

Test IE On Mac

One-Click Bug Logging

When using LambdaTest for cross browser testing on Microsoft Internet Explorer using your Mac machine, you can also report a bug directly through the platform to any number of bug-management tools, including JIRA, Asana, Trello and many more or communicate through team messaging platform like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Test IE On Mac

Ready To Test IE On MAC?

Easiest way to check the compatibility of your website across latest and legacy IE browsers is by checking the website on all the possible combinations of OS, Browsers and Resolutions. Here is how you can start with.

Different Ways To Test IE On Mac

Selenium Automation Testing: Perform automated cross browser testing of internet explorer on mac with a scalable, secure, and reliable online Selenium grid at a fraction of cost.

Live Interactive Testing: Check your website and webapp on live environments on cloud. Get immediate access of internet explorer running in a window system from your mac machine

Screenshot Testing : Auto-generate full-paged screenshots of your web pages on internet explorer from mac on your choice of resolution. Schedule an interval and forget about it. You'll automatically get the updates on your favorite communication channels

Responsive Testing: With just one click, check the responsiveness of your website or web apps across different IE versions running on a cloud hosted windows computer with various screen sizes, all from your mac device

Visual Regression Testing : Perform visual regression testing on your layouts and identify bugs with a single click on internet explorer using a mac. Make sure that your layout iterations are free of visual deviations that may be introduced in new builds.