How to use display_verbosity_two method of ActiveMocker Package

Best Active_mocker_ruby code snippet using ActiveMocker.display_verbosity_two


Source:display_errors.rb Github


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...28 end29 def display_errors30 uniq_errors.each do |e|31 next unless ENV["DEBUG"] || !(e.level == :debug)32 display_verbosity_three(e) || display_verbosity_two(e)33 end34 display_verbosity_one35 end36 def error_summary37 display "errors: #{error_count}, warn: #{warn}, info: #{info}"38 display "Failed models: #{failed_models.join(", ")}" if failed_models.count > 039 end40 def number_models_mocked41 if success_count < model_count || any_errors?42 display "Mocked #{success_count} ActiveRecord #{plural("Model", success_count)} out of #{model_count} #{plural("file", model_count)}."43 end44 end45 private46 def plural(string, count, plural="s")47 count > 1 || ? "#{string}#{plural}" : string48 end49 def display(msg)50 out.puts(msg)51 end52 def display_verbosity_three(error)53 return unless ActiveMocker::Config.error_verbosity == 354 display_error_header(error)55 display error.level56 display_original_error(error)57 end58 def display_original_error(e)59 original = e.original_error60 return unless original61 display original.message.colorize(e.level_color)62 display original.backtrace63 display end65 def display_verbosity_two(e)66 return unless ActiveMocker::Config.error_verbosity == 267 display_error_header(e)68 end69 def display_error_header(e)70 display "#{e.class_name} has the following errors:"71 display e.message.colorize(e.level_color)72 end73 def display_verbosity_one74 return unless ActiveMocker::Config.error_verbosity > 075 error_summary if any_errors?76 number_models_mocked77 return unless any_errors?78 display "To see more/less detail set ERROR_VERBOSITY = 0, 1, 2, 3"79 end...

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