How to use puts_info method of Copyable Package

Best Howitzer_ruby code snippet using Copyable.puts_info


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...26 end27 def print_info(data)28 logger.print " #{data}"29 end30 def puts_info(data)31 logger.puts " #{data}"32 end33 def puts_error(data)34 logger.puts " ERROR: #{data}"35 end36 end37 # This module combines methods for copying files and templates38 module Copyable39 def self.included(base)40 class << base41 attr_accessor :destination42 end43 end44 def initialize(_options)45 super()46 manifest.each do |type, list|47 case type48 when :files49 copy_files(list)50 when :templates51 copy_templates(list)52 else nil53 end54 end55 end56 def manifest; end57 protected58 def copy_files(list)59 list.each do |data|60 source_file = source_path(data[:source])61 File.exist?(source_file) ? copy_with_path(data) : puts_error("File '#{source_file}' was not found.")62 end63 end64 def copy_templates(list)65 list.each do |data|66 destination_path = dest_path(data[:destination])67 source_path = source_path(data[:source])68 if File.exist?(destination_path)69 copy_templates_file_exist(data, destination_path, source_path)70 else71 write_template(destination_path, source_path)72 puts_info "Added template '#{data[:source]}' with params '#{@options}' to destination '#{data[:destination]}'"73 end74 end75 end76 def source_path(file_name)77 base_name ='Generator', '').sub('Howitzer::', '').downcase78 File.expand_path(file_name, File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), base_name, 'templates'))79 end80 def dest_path(path)81 File.expand_path(File.join(destination, path))82 end83 def copy_with_path(data)84 src = source_path(data[:source])85 dst = dest_path(data[:destination])86 FileUtils.mkdir_p(File.dirname(dst))87 if File.exist?(dst)88 copy_with_path_file_exist(data, src, dst)89 else90 FileUtils.cp(src, dst)91 puts_info("Added '#{data[:destination]}' file")92 end93 rescue => e94 puts_error("Impossible to create '#{data[:destination]}' file. Reason: #{e.message}")95 end96 def write_template(dest_path, source_path)97, 'w+') do |f|98 f.write(, 'r').read).result( { binding }))99 end100 end101 private102 def copy_templates_file_exist(data, destination_path, source_path)103 puts_info("Conflict with '#{data[:destination]}' template")104 print_info(" Overwrite '#{data[:destination]}' template? [Yn]:")105 copy_templates_overwrite(gets.strip.downcase, data, destination_path, source_path)106 end107 def copy_with_path_file_exist(data, source, destination)108 if FileUtils.identical?(source, destination)109 puts_info("Identical '#{data[:destination]}' file")110 else111 puts_info("Conflict with '#{data[:destination]}' file")112 print_info(" Overwrite '#{data[:destination]}' file? [Yn]:")113 copy_with_path_overwrite(gets.strip.downcase, data, source, destination)114 end115 end116 def copy_templates_overwrite(answer, data, destination_path, source_path)117 case answer118 when 'y'119 write_template(destination_path, source_path)120 puts_info(" Forced '#{data[:destination]}' template")121 when 'n'122 puts_info(" Skipped '#{data[:destination]}' template")123 else nil124 end125 end126 def copy_with_path_overwrite(answer, data, source, destination)127 case answer128 when 'y'129 FileUtils.cp(source, destination)130 puts_info(" Forced '#{data[:destination]}' file")131 when 'n' then132 puts_info(" Skipped '#{data[:destination]}' file")133 else nil134 end135 end136 end137 # Parent class for all generators138 class BaseGenerator139 attr_reader :options140 include Outputable141 include Copyable142 def initialize(options)143 @options = options.symbolize_keys144 super145 end146 end...

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