How to use asset_name method of Konacha Package

Best Konacha code snippet using Konacha.asset_name


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1require 'spec_helper'2describe Konacha::Spec do3 describe "#asset_name" do4 it "is the asset_name of the path" do5"array_spec.js").asset_name.should == "array_spec"6"").asset_name.should == "array_spec"7 end8 it "ignores multiple extensions" do9"").asset_name.should == "array_spec"10 end11 it "includes relative path" do12"subdirectory/array_spec.js").asset_name.should == "subdirectory/array_spec"13 end14 end15 describe ".all" do16 it "returns an array of specs" do17 Konacha.should_receive(:spec_paths) { ["a_spec.js", "b_spec.js"] }18 all = described_class.all19 all.length.should == 220 end21 it "returns specs passed via the ENV['spec'] parameter" do22 ENV["SPEC"] = "foo_spec,bar_spec,baz_spec"23 all = described_class.all24 all.length.should == 325 paths = {|p| p.path}26 paths =~ %w{foo_spec bar_spec baz_spec}27 ENV["SPEC"] = nil28 end29 it "returns all Specs if given an empty path" do30 all = ["a_spec.js", "b_spec.js"]31 Konacha.should_receive(:spec_paths) { all }32 described_class.all("").map(&:path).should == all33 end34 it "returns an array containing the Spec with the given asset_name" do35 all = ["a_spec.js", "b_spec.js"]36 Konacha.should_receive(:spec_paths) { all }37 described_class.all("b_spec").map(&:path).should == [all[1]]38 end39 it "returns Specs that are children of the given path" do40 all = ["a/a_spec_1.js", "a/a_spec_2.js", "b/b_spec.js"]41 Konacha.should_receive(:spec_paths) { all }42 described_class.all("a").map(&:path).should == all[0..1]43 end44 it "raises NotFound if no Specs match" do45 Konacha.should_receive(:spec_paths) { [] }46 expect { described_class.all("b_spec") }.to raise_error(Konacha::Spec::NotFound)47 end48 end...

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