How to use initialize method of Konacha Package

Best Konacha code snippet using Konacha.initialize


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...5 def self.start6 new.run7 end8 attr_reader :io9 def initialize(options = {})10 @io = options[:output] || STDOUT11 end12 def run13 before = Time.now14 spec_runners.each { |spec_runner| } # prints dots15 io.puts ""16 io.puts ""17 failure_messages.each { |msg| io.write("#{msg}\n\n") }18 seconds = "%.2f" % ( - before)19 io.puts "Finished in #{seconds} seconds"20 io.puts "#{examples.size} examples, #{failed_examples.size} failures, #{pending_examples.size} pending"21 passed?22 end23 def examples24 { |spec_runner| spec_runner.examples }.flatten25 end26 def pending_examples27 { |example| example.pending? }28 end29 def failed_examples30 { |example| example.failed? }31 end32 def passed?33 examples.all? { |example| example.passed? }34 end35 def failure_messages36 { |example| example.failure_message }.compact37 end38 def session39 @session ||=, Konacha.application)40 end41 def spec_runners42 @spec_runners ||= { |spec|, spec) }43 end44 end45 class SpecRunner46 attr_reader :runner, :spec, :examples47 def initialize(runner, spec)48 @runner = runner49 @spec = spec50 end51 def session52 runner.session53 end54 def io55 runner.io56 end57 def colorize_dots(dots)58 dots = do |d|59 case d60 when 'E', 'F'; d.red61 when 'P'; d.yellow62 when '.'; d.green63 else; d64 end65 end66 dots.join ''67 end68 def run69 session.visit(spec.url)70 dots_printed = 071 begin72 sleep 0.173 done, dots = session.evaluate_script('[Konacha.done, Konacha.dots]')74 if dots75 io.write colorize_dots(dots[dots_printed..-1])76 io.flush77 dots_printed = dots.length78 end79 end until done80 @examples = JSON.parse(session.evaluate_script('Konacha.getResults()')).map do |row|81 end83 rescue => e84 msg = [e.inspect]85 msg << e.message unless e.message.blank?86 raise Konacha::Error, "Error communicating with browser process:\n#{msg.join("\n")}"87 end88 end89 class Example90 def initialize(row)91 @row = row92 end93 def passed?94 @row['passed']95 end96 def pending?97 @row['pending']98 end99 def failed?100 !(@row['passed'] || @row['pending'])101 end102 def failure_message103 if failed?104 msg = []...

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...7 end8 context "with a FORMAT environment variable" do9 before do10 class TestFormatter11 def initialize(io)12 end13 end14 ENV['FORMAT'] = 'Konacha::Formatter,TestFormatter'15 end16 after do17 Object.send(:remove_const, :TestFormatter)18 ENV.delete('FORMAT')19 end20 it "creates the specified formatters" do21 Konacha::Formatter.should_receive(:new).with(STDOUT) { :formatter }22 TestFormatter.should_receive(:new).with(STDOUT) { :test_formatter }23 Konacha::Engine.formatters.should == [:formatter, :test_formatter]24 end25 end...

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