How to use parent method of Konacha Package

Best Konacha code snippet using Konacha.parent


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...52 'type' => 'test',53 'data' => {54 'title' => 'fails',55 'fullTitle' => 'failure fails',56 'parentFullTitle' => 'failure',57 'path' => 'failing_spec.js'}}58 end59 let(:failure) do60 {'event' => 'fail',61 'type' => 'test',62 'data' => {63 'duration' => anything,64 'title' => 'fails',65 'fullTitle' => 'failure fails',66 'parentFullTitle' => 'failure',67 'status' => 'failed',68 'path' => 'failing_spec.js',69 'error' => {'message' => 'expected 4 to equal 5', 'name' => 'AssertionError'}}}70 end71 let(:error_async) do72 {'event' => 'fail',73 'type' => 'test',74 'data' => {75 'title' => 'errors asynchronously',76 'fullTitle' => 'failure errors asynchronously',77 'parentFullTitle' => 'failure',78 'status' => 'failed',79 'path' => 'failing_spec.js',80 # Accept anything for 'message' since async errors have URLs, which81 # vary on every run, and line #, which may change in Chai releases.82 'error' => {'message' => anything(), 'name' => 'Error'}}}83 end84 let(:pass) do85 {'event' => 'pass',86 'type' => 'test',87 'data' => {88 'title' => 'is empty',89 'fullTitle' => 'the body#konacha element is empty',90 'parentFullTitle' => 'the body#konacha element',91 'status' => 'passed',92 'path' => '',93 'duration' => anything}}94 end95 let(:pending) do96 {'event' => 'pending',97 'type' => 'test',98 'data' => {99 'title' => 'is pending',100 'fullTitle' => 'pending test is pending',101 'parentFullTitle' => 'pending test',102 'path' => 'pending_spec.js',103 'status' => 'pending'}}104 end105 let(:start) { {'event' => 'start', 'testCount' => kind_of(Integer), 'data' => {} } }106 let(:end_event) { {'event' => 'end', 'data' => {} } }107 it "passes along the right events" do108 subject.reporter.should_receive(:process_mocha_event).with(start)109 subject.reporter.should_receive(:process_mocha_event).with(suite)110 subject.reporter.should_receive(:process_mocha_event).with(suite_end)111 subject.reporter.should_receive(:process_mocha_event).with(test)112 subject.reporter.should_receive(:process_mocha_event).with(failure)113 subject.reporter.should_receive(:process_mocha_event).with(error_async)114 subject.reporter.should_receive(:process_mocha_event).with(pass)115 subject.reporter.should_receive(:process_mocha_event).with(pending)...

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Source:specs_controller_spec.rb Github


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2describe Konacha::SpecsController do3 before do4 @routes = Konacha::Engine.routes5 end6 describe '#parent' do7 it 'accepts a mode parameter and assigns it to @run_mode' do8 get :parent, :mode => 'runner'9 assigns[:run_mode].runner?.should be_truthy10 end11 it 'uses the Konacha.mode if no mode parameter is specified' do12 Konacha.stub(:mode => :konacha_mode)13 get :parent14 assigns[:run_mode].konacha_mode?.should be_truthy15 end16 end17 describe "#iframe" do18 it "assigns the result of Spec.find_by_name to @spec" do19 Konacha::Spec.should_receive(:find_by_name).with("spec_name") { :spec }20 get :iframe, :name => "spec_name"21 assigns[:spec].should == :spec22 assigns[:stylesheets].should == Konacha::Engine.config.konacha.stylesheets23 assigns[:javascripts].should == Konacha::Engine.config.konacha.javascripts24 end25 it "404s if there is no match for the given path" do26 Konacha::Spec.should_receive(:find_by_name).with("array_spec") { raise Konacha::Spec::NotFound }27 get :iframe, :name => "array_spec"...

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