How to use before_or_after_private_method_name method of InstanceMethods Package

Best Spinach_ruby code snippet using InstanceMethods.before_or_after_private_method_name


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...141 def steps142 @steps ||= []143 end144 private145 def before_or_after_private_method_name(location)146 hash_value = hash147 class_name = || ""148 class_name = class_name.gsub("::", "__").downcase149 private_method_name = "_#{location}_each_block_#{hash.abs}_#{class_name}" #uniqueness150 end151 def define_before_or_after_method_with_block(location, &block)152 define_method(before_or_after_private_method_name(location), &block)153 private before_or_after_private_method_name(location)154 private_method_name = before_or_after_private_method_name location155 define_method "#{location}_each" do156 super()157 send(private_method_name)158 end159 end160 end161 # Instance methods to include in the host class.162 #163 module InstanceMethods164 # Executes a given step.165 #166 # @api public167 def execute(step)168 underscored_step = Spinach::Support.underscore(

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1 run_callbacks(:my_callback) do2 def self.before_my_callback(method)3 set_callback(:my_callback, :before, method)4 def self.after_my_callback(method)5 set_callback(:my_callback, :after, method)6 def self.included(base)7 base.send(:include, InstanceMethods)8 base.extend(ClassMethods)9 def before_method(method_name, &block)10 add_callback(method_name, :before, block)11 def after_method(method_name, &block)12 add_callback(method_name, :after, block)13 def add_callback(method_name, callback_type, block)14 callbacks = get_callbacks(method_name)

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