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...4 end5 module ClassMethods6 def has_city(prefix = nil)7 [:province, :city, :town].each do |t|8 belongs_to "#{prefix}#{t}", :class_name => "Dict::City"9 end10 include ActiveRecordDry::HasCity::InstanceMethods11 end12 def has_phone13 include ActiveRecordDry::HasPhone::InstanceMethods14 end15 def has_house_cost16 include ApplicationHelper17 include ActiveRecordDry::HasHouseCost::InstanceMethods18 end19 def translate_name20 include ActiveRecordDry::TranslateName::InstanceMethods21 end22 def translate_key23 include ActiveRecordDry::TranslateKey::InstanceMethods24 end25 def acts_as_list_item26 extend ActiveRecordDry::ListItem::SingletonMethods27 scope :within, lambda{|ids| where(ids.blank? ? "1=2" : "id in (#{ids.join(',')})")}28 scope :without, lambda{|ids| where(ids.blank? ? "1=1" : "id not in (#{ids.join(',')})")}29 end30 end31 module HasCity32 module InstanceMethods33 def address(prefix = nil)34 [:province, :city, :town].map{|t|35 text = self.send("#{prefix}#{t}").try(:name)36 text = "" if text == I18n.t("hidden_city")37 text38 }.join +39 (self.respond_to?("#{prefix}street") ? self.send("#{prefix}street").to_s : "")40 end41 end42 end43 module HasPhone44 module InstanceMethods45 def full_phone46 "#{self.phone_ext} - #{}"47 end48 end49 end50 module TranslateName51 module InstanceMethods52 def name53 I18n.t("#{self.class.to_s}.#{self.attributes["name"]}")54 end55 def db_name56 self.attributes["name"]57 end58 end59 end60 module TranslateKey61 module InstanceMethods62 def key63 I18n.t("#{self.class.to_s}.#{self.attributes["key"]}")64 end65 def db_name66 self.attributes["key"]67 end68 end69 end70 module HasHouseCost71 module InstanceMethods72 def house_cost_label73 case self.house_type_id74 when Dict::HouseType.loan_id75 I18n.t(:loan_fee)76 when Dict::HouseType.rent_id77 I18n.t(:rent_fee)78 else79 ""80 end81 end82 def house_cost_desc83 "#{self.house_type.try(:name)} #{self.house_cost_label.blank? ? "" : "#{self.house_cost_label} #{rmb(self.house_cost, :ym)}" }".html_safe84 end85 end86 end87 module ListItem88 module SingletonMethods89 def list_for_select(collection = nil, with_children = false)90 (collection || self.all).map{|city| with_children ? [,{|i| [,]}] : [,]}91 end92 end93 end94end95ActiveRecord::Base.send(:include, ActiveRecordDry)...

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1module Enumerize2 module SequelSupport3 def enumerize(name, options={})4 super5 _enumerize_module.dependent_eval do6 if defined?(::Sequel::Model) && self < ::Sequel::Model7 include InstanceMethods8 require 'enumerize/hooks/sequel_dataset'9 end10 end11 end12 private13 module InstanceMethods14 def validate15 super16 17 self.class.enumerized_attributes.each do |attr|18 value = read_attribute_for_validation( next if value.blank?20 if attr.kind_of? Multiple21 errors.add, "is invalid" unless value.respond_to?(:all?) && value.all? { |v| v.blank? || attr.find_value(v) }22 else23 errors.add, "is not included in the list" unless attr.find_value(value)24 end25 end26 end27 def _set_default_value_for_enumerized_attributes28 _enumerized_values_for_validation.delete_if do |k, v|29 v.nil?30 end31 if defined?(Sequel::Plugins::Serialization::InstanceMethods)32 modules = self.class.ancestors33 plugin_idx = modules.index(Sequel::Plugins::Serialization::InstanceMethods)34 35 if plugin_idx && plugin_idx < modules.index(Enumerize::SequelSupport::InstanceMethods)36 abort "ERROR: You need to enable the Sequel serialization plugin before calling any enumerize methods on a model."37 end...

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