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...8 SENDING_BATCH_SIZE = 509 #SMTP SERVER10 SMTP_SERVER = Config[:smtp_settings][:address]11 12 # included do13 # 14 # end15 16 17 module InstanceMethods18 end19 20 module ClassMethods21 def send_batch_email(tmail_object, whom=[])22 return if whom.blank?23 tmail = tmail_object24 recipients = whom25 exceptions = {}26 recipients.each_slice(SENDING_BATCH_SIZE) do |recipients_slice|27 Net::SMTP.start(SMTP_SERVER, 25) do |sender|28 recipients_slice.each do |recipient|29 = recipient30 begin31 sender.sendmail tmail.encoded, tmail.from, recipient32 rescue Exception => e33 exceptions[recipient] = e 34 #needed as the next mail will send command MAIL FROM, which would 35 #raise a 503 error: "Sender already given"36 sender.finish37 sender.start38 end39 end40 end41 end42 end43 44 end45 end46 47 48 module Profile49 extend ActiveSupport::Concern50 51 included do52 self.after_save :fire_notifications53 end54 55 # def included(base)56 # base.send :include, InstanceMethods57 # base.extend ClassMethods58 # end 59 60 module InstanceMethods61 def fire_notifications62 Notifier.deliver_welcome(self.user) if self.should_receive_welcome_email?63 end64 65 def should_receive_welcome_email?66 if self.user.srw_agent_id.to_i != 067 # Sabre Red User -- They get Sabre Red Welcome email -- see user68 false69 elsif self.id_was.nil? && (self.status == 2 || self.status == 1) 70 # Admin Created Users -- manually created or bulk uploaded71 true72 else73 # if the user is active, but has never logged in does not use SSO and had a status <= 074 # i.e. change a user from pending to active or activate_on_login75 self.new_user? && self.status_was.to_i <= 076 end 77 end78 end79 80 module ClassMethods81 # class methods here82 end83 end 84 85 module User86 extend ActiveSupport::Concern87 88 included do89 self.after_save :fire_notifications90 end91 92 module InstanceMethods93 def fire_notifications94 Notifier.deliver_sabre_red_sso_welcome(self) if self.should_receive_sabre_red_welcome_email?95 end96 97 def should_receive_sabre_red_welcome_email?98 # this is in the User, not profile because _was did not return correct value when referenced by something other than self99 self.srw_agent_id.to_i != 0 && self.terms_accepted && !self.terms_accepted_was100 end101 end102 103 module ClassMethods104 # class methods here105 end106 end 107 108 module BlogPost109 extend ActiveSupport::Concern110 111 included do112 self.after_create :fire_notifications113 self.send :include, Notifications::BatchMailer114 end115 116 117 module InstanceMethods118 def fire_notifications 119 if self.class.delay.send_company_blog_post( elsif self.class.delay.send_group_blog_post( elsif self.class.delay.send_news_blog_post( else126 # don't send emails for profile blogs :)127 end 128 end129 end130 131 module ClassMethods132 # class methods here133 end134 end135 136 module Question137 extend ActiveSupport::Concern138 139 included do140 self.after_save :fire_notifications141 end142 143 144 module InstanceMethods145 def fire_notifications 146 SemanticMatcher.default.match_question_to_profiles(self)147 Notifier.delay.send_question_match_notifications( 148 end149 end150 end151 152 module Answer153 extend ActiveSupport::Concern154 155 included do156 self.after_save :fire_notifications157 self.after_update :fire_update_notifications158 end159 160 161 module InstanceMethods162 def fire_notifications 163 Notifier.deliver_answer_to_question(self) if self.question.per_answer_notification164 Notifier.deliver_watched_question_answer(self) unless self.question.watchers.collect {|watcher| if watcher.watched_question_answer_email_status==1 }.compact.empty?165 end166 167 def fire_update_notifications168 q = ::Question.unscoped.find_by_id(self.question_id)169 Notifier.deliver_best_answer(self) if self.best_answer and self.attribute_modified?(:best_answer) and q.is_closed?170 end171 end172 end173 174 module Abuse175 extend ActiveSupport::Concern176 177 included do178 self.after_save :fire_notifications179 self.send :include, Notifications::BatchMailer180 end181 182 module InstanceMethods183 def fire_notifications184 send_new_abuse_email 185 end186 187 def send_new_abuse_email188 recipients = ::Profile.include_shady_admins.collect { |admin| }189 tmail = Notifier.new_abuse190 self.class.send_batch_email(tmail, recipients)191 end 192 end193 end194 195 module Group196 extend ActiveSupport::Concern197 198 included do199 self.after_update :fire_update_notifications200 end201 202 module InstanceMethods203 def fire_update_notifications204 Notifier.deliver_group_owner(self) if self.attribute_modified?(:owner_id) 205 end206 end 207 end208 209 module GroupMembership210 extend ActiveSupport::Concern211 212 included do213 self.after_update :fire_update_notifications214 end215 216 module InstanceMethods217 def fire_update_notifications218 not_owner = self.profile_id! Notifier.deliver_group_moderator(self) if self.moderator and not_owner and self.attribute_modified?(:moderator)220 end 221 end 222 end 223 224 module GroupInvitation225 extend ActiveSupport::Concern226 227 included do228 self.after_save :fire_notifications229 self.after_update :fire_update_notifications230 end231 232 module InstanceMethods233 def fire_notifications234 Notifier.deliver_group_invitation(self) if self.receiver.group_invitation_email_status235 end236 237 def fire_update_notifications238 Notifier.deliver_group_invitation(self) if self.receiver.group_invitation_email_status239 end 240 end 241 end242 243 module GroupInvitationRequest244 extend ActiveSupport::Concern245 246 included do247 self.after_create :fire_notifications248 end249 250 module InstanceMethods251 def fire_notifications252 Notifier.deliver_group_invitation_request(self)253 end254 255 end 256 end257 258 module GroupPost259 extend ActiveSupport::Concern260 261 included do262 self.after_save :fire_notifications263 end264 265 module InstanceMethods266 def fire_notifications267 self.delay.send_group_post268 end269 end 270 end271 272 module ProfileAward273 extend ActiveSupport::Concern274 275 included do276 self.after_save :fire_notifications277 end278 279 module InstanceMethods280 def fire_notifications281 Notifier.deliver_profile_award(self)282 end283 end 284 end285 286 module Reply287 extend ActiveSupport::Concern288 289 included do290 self.after_save :fire_notifications291 end292 293 module InstanceMethods294 def fire_notifications295 Notifier.deliver_reply(self) if self.answer.profile.new_reply_on_answer_notification296 end297 end 298 end299 300 module GetthereBooking301 extend ActiveSupport::Concern302 303 included do304 self.after_save :fire_notifications305 end306 307 module InstanceMethods308 def fire_notifications309 Notifiers::Travel.deliver_new_getthere_booking(self) if self.profile.travel_email_status && !self.past?310 end311 end 312 end313 314 module Comment315 extend ActiveSupport::Concern316 317 included do318 self.after_save :fire_notifications319 end320 321 module InstanceMethods322 def fire_notifications323 if self.belongs_to_group_blog_post? 324 Notifier.deliver_new_comment_on_group_blog_post(self)325 elsif self.belongs_to_group_post?326 Notifiers::Group.deliver_new_comment_on_group_post(self)327 elsif Notifier.deliver_new_comment_on_company_blog_post(self)329 else330 if self.root_parent_profile? && self.owner.root_parent.new_comment_on_blog_notification 331 Notifier.deliver_new_comment_on_blog(self)332 end 333 end334 end335 end 336 end337 338 module Note339 extend ActiveSupport::Concern340 341 included do342 self.after_save :fire_notifications343 end344 345 module InstanceMethods346 def fire_notifications347 if self.receiver.is_a?(Group)348 self.delay.send_group_note349 else350 Notifier.deliver_note(self) if self.receiver.note_email_status==1351 end352 end353 end 354 end355 module QuestionReferral356 extend ActiveSupport::Concern357 358 included do359 self.after_save :fire_notifications360 self.send :include, Notifications::BatchMailer361 end362 363 module InstanceMethods364 def fire_notifications365 if self.owner.is_a?(Group)366 delay.send_group_referral_email367 end368 end369 370 def send_group_referral_email371 tmail = Notifier.group_referral(self)372 recipients = {|p| }...

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1module Virtus2 module Model3 # @api private4 def self.included(descendant)5 super6 descendant.send(:include, ClassInclusions)7 end8 # @api private9 def self.extended(descendant)10 super11 descendant.extend(Extensions)12 end13 module Core14 # @api private15 def self.included(descendant)16 super17 descendant.extend(ClassMethods)18 descendant.send(:include, ClassInclusions::Methods)19 descendant.send(:include, InstanceMethods)20 end21 private_class_method :included22 # @api private23 def self.extended(descendant)24 super25 descendant.extend(Extensions::Methods)26 descendant.extend(InstanceMethods)27 end28 private_class_method :included29 end # Core30 module Constructor31 # @api private32 def self.included(descendant)33 super34 descendant.send(:include, InstanceMethods::Constructor)35 end36 private_class_method :included37 end # Constructor38 module MassAssignment39 # @api private40 def self.included(descendant)41 super42 descendant.extend(Extensions::AllowedWriterMethods)43 descendant.send(:include, InstanceMethods::MassAssignment)44 end45 private_class_method :included46 # @api private47 def self.extended(descendant)48 super49 descendant.extend(Extensions::AllowedWriterMethods)50 descendant.extend(InstanceMethods::MassAssignment)51 end52 private_class_method :extended53 end # MassAssignment54 end # Model55end # Virtus...

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