How to use should_assert_no_unused_interactions method of VCR Package

Best Vcr_ruby code snippet using VCR.should_assert_no_unused_interactions


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...50 # @param (see VCR#eject_casssette)51 # @see VCR#eject_cassette52 def eject(options = {})53 write_recorded_interactions_to_disk54 if should_assert_no_unused_interactions? && !options[:skip_no_unused_interactions_assertion]55 http_interactions.assert_no_unused_interactions!56 end57 end58 # @private59 def http_interactions60 @http_interactions ||= \61 should_stub_requests? ? previously_recorded_interactions : [],62 match_requests_on,63 @allow_playback_repeats,64 @parent_list,65 log_prefix66 end67 # @private68 def record_http_interaction(interaction)69 log "Recorded HTTP interaction #{request_summary(interaction.request)} => #{response_summary(interaction.response)}"70 new_recorded_interactions << interaction71 end72 # @private73 def new_recorded_interactions74 @new_recorded_interactions ||= []75 end76 # @return [String] The file for this cassette.77 # @raise [NotImplementedError] if the configured cassette persister78 # does not support resolving file paths.79 # @note VCR will take care of sanitizing the cassette name to make it a valid file name.80 def file81 unless @persister.respond_to?(:absolute_path_to_file)82 raise NotImplementedError, "The configured cassette persister does not support resolving file paths"83 end84 @persister.absolute_path_to_file(storage_key)85 end86 # @return [Boolean] Whether or not the cassette is recording.87 def recording?88 case record_mode89 when :none; false90 when :once; raw_cassette_bytes.to_s.empty?91 else true92 end93 end94 # @return [Hash] The hash that will be serialized when the cassette is written to disk.95 def serializable_hash96 {97 "http_interactions" =>,98 "recorded_with" => "VCR #{VCR.version}"99 }100 end101 # @return [Time, nil] The `recorded_at` time of the first HTTP interaction102 # or nil if the cassette has no prior HTTP interactions.103 #104 # @example105 #106 # VCR.use_cassette("some cassette") do |cassette|107 # Timecop.freeze(cassette.originally_recorded_at || do108 # # ...109 # end110 # end111 def originally_recorded_at112 @originally_recorded_at ||= end114 private115 def assert_valid_options!116 invalid_options = @options.keys - [117 :record, :erb, :match_requests_on, :re_record_interval, :tag, :tags,118 :update_content_length_header, :allow_playback_repeats, :allow_unused_http_interactions,119 :exclusive, :serialize_with, :preserve_exact_body_bytes, :decode_compressed_response,120 :persist_with121 ]122 if invalid_options.size > 0123 raise"You passed the following invalid options to #{invalid_options.inspect}.")124 end125 end126 def extract_options127 [:erb, :match_requests_on, :re_record_interval,128 :allow_playback_repeats, :allow_unused_http_interactions, :exclusive].each do |name|129 instance_variable_set("@#{name}", @options[name])130 end131 assign_tags132 @record_mode = @options[:record]133 @serializer = VCR.cassette_serializers[@options[:serialize_with]]134 @persister = VCR.cassette_persisters[@options[:persist_with]]135 @record_mode = :all if should_re_record?136 @parent_list = @exclusive ? HTTPInteractionList::NullList : VCR.http_interactions137 end138 def assign_tags139 @tags = Array(@options.fetch(:tags) { @options[:tag] })140 [:update_content_length_header, :preserve_exact_body_bytes, :decode_compressed_response].each do |tag|141 @tags << tag if @options[tag]142 end143 end144 def previously_recorded_interactions145 @previously_recorded_interactions ||= if !raw_cassette_bytes.to_s.empty?146 deserialized_hash['http_interactions'].map { |h| HTTPInteraction.from_hash(h) }.tap do |interactions|147 invoke_hook(:before_playback, interactions)148 interactions.reject! do |i|149 i.request.uri.is_a?(String) && VCR.request_ignorer.ignore?(i.request)150 end151 end152 else153 []154 end155 end156 def storage_key157 @storage_key ||= [name, @serializer.file_extension].join('.')158 end159 def raise_error_unless_valid_record_mode160 unless VALID_RECORD_MODES.include?(record_mode)161 raise"#{record_mode} is not a valid cassette record mode. Valid modes are: #{VALID_RECORD_MODES.inspect}")162 end163 end164 def should_re_record?165 return false unless @re_record_interval166 return false unless originally_recorded_at167 now = Time.now168 (originally_recorded_at + @re_record_interval < now).tap do |value|169 info = "previously recorded at: '#{originally_recorded_at}'; now: '#{now}'; interval: #{@re_record_interval} seconds"170 if !value171 log "Not re-recording since the interval has not elapsed (#{info})."172 elsif InternetConnection.available?173 log "re-recording (#{info})."174 else175 log "Not re-recording because no internet connection is available (#{info})."176 return false177 end178 end179 end180 def should_stub_requests?181 record_mode != :all182 end183 def should_remove_matching_existing_interactions?184 record_mode == :all185 end186 def should_assert_no_unused_interactions?187 !(@allow_unused_http_interactions || $!)188 end189 def raw_cassette_bytes190 @raw_cassette_bytes ||=[storage_key], erb, name).render191 end192 def merged_interactions193 old_interactions = previously_recorded_interactions194 if should_remove_matching_existing_interactions?195 new_interaction_list =, match_requests_on)196 old_interactions = old_interactions.reject do |i|197 new_interaction_list.response_for(i.request)198 end199 end200 old_interactions + new_recorded_interactions...

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1 c.default_cassette_options = { :record => :new_episodes }2 c.default_cassette_options = { :record => :new_episodes }3 c.default_cassette_options = { :record => :new_episodes }4 c.default_cassette_options = { :record => :new_episodes }

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