How to use request_type method of VCR Package

Best Vcr_ruby code snippet using VCR.request_type


Source:request_handler.rb Github


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...4 include Logger::Mixin5 def handle6 log "Handling request: #{request_summary} (disabled: #{disabled?})"7 invoke_before_request_hook8 req_type = request_type(:consume_stub)9 log "Identified request type (#{req_type}) for #{request_summary}"10 # The before_request hook can change the type of request11 # (i.e. by inserting a cassette), so we need to query the12 # request type again.13 #14 # Likewise, the main handler logic can modify what15 # #request_type would return (i.e. when a response stub is16 # used), so we need to store the request type for the17 # after_request hook.18 set_typed_request_for_after_hook(req_type)19 send "on_#{req_type}_request"20 end21 private22 def set_typed_request_for_after_hook(request_type)23 @after_hook_typed_request =, request_type)24 end25 def request_type(consume_stub = false)26 case27 when externally_stubbed? then :externally_stubbed28 when should_ignore? then :ignored29 when has_response_stub?(consume_stub) then :stubbed_by_vcr30 when VCR.real_http_connections_allowed? then :recordable31 else :unhandled32 end33 end34 def invoke_before_request_hook35 return if disabled? || !VCR.configuration.has_hooks_for?(:before_http_request)36 typed_request =, request_type)37 VCR.configuration.invoke_hook(:before_http_request, typed_request)38 end39 def invoke_after_request_hook(vcr_response)40 return if disabled?41 VCR.configuration.invoke_hook(:after_http_request, @after_hook_typed_request, vcr_response)42 end43 def externally_stubbed?44 false45 end46 def should_ignore?47 disabled? || VCR.request_ignorer.ignore?(vcr_request)48 end49 def disabled?50 VCR.library_hooks.disabled?(library_name)...

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