LambdaTest Year In Review: 2022 Recap

Yash Bansal

Posted On: January 10, 2023

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As we look back at 2022, we’re proud to highlight some of the biggest milestones and achievements for LambdaTest. We’ve expanded our platform with new features and capabilities and seen tremendous growth in the number of users and organizations that adopted our solutions.

We constantly strive to help you automate and accelerate your development and testing. In this 2022 recap, we are showcasing some of the achievements that helped us in taking our vision of bringing the entire testing ecosystem under one umbrella by making automation accessible to everyone a reality.

We are excited to launch our All New LT Browser 2.0 to help unleash the power of responsive testing. We scaled our infrastructure to cater to all the incoming users and launched a new developer and tester-centric community to facilitate knowledge exchange. This is just the beginning — stay tuned for more great things!

So without further ado, let’s dive in and see what 2022 has been about!

Launched HyperExecute For Blazing Fast Test Execution

2022 has been super-exciting for the entire team at LambdaTest! You need speed and intelligence to run end-to-end automation tests, but most traditional cloud grids in the market are either slow or lacking in your required features. We launched HyperExecute, a first-of-its-kind product combining speed and intelligence so you can rely on it for your Selenium automation tests.

HyperExecute helps you run automation tests up to 70% faster. That’s not all; you also get access to all the existing LambdaTest features (i.e., detailed logs, Smart CI features, Network insights, Video recording, and Access to browsers & platforms on the cloud).

In addition to the above, our intelligent test orchestration platform – HyperExecute, is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Testers and developers can now deploy and manage their cloud applications on the productive and trusted Azure platform.
Intrigued to know more about HyperExecute? Check out HyperExecute Getting Started Guide to kick-start your blazing-fast test automation journey with HyperExecute!

Test At Scale (TAS) on Product Hunt

Considering development velocity and test intelligence as important factors while looking into the future of software testing, LambdaTest launched Test At Scale (TAS), an open-source test intelligence and observation platform that shortens the testing duration by up to 95% and provides faster feedback to developers. It enables developers to get early insights into flaky tests and increases their productivity to ship code frequently with confidence.

TAS provides an enterprise-grade test intelligence platform for CI/CD, DevOps teams, and QA professionals to manage a wide range of modern testing environments on-premise or in the cloud.

If you ❤️ open-source, you could also help make TAS better by contributing to the TAS project on GitHub or joining the TAS community on Discord.

Here’s a short glimpse of TAS:

Our All New LambdaTest Analytics Automation Dashboard

The All New Analytics Dashboard allows you to create dashboards and custom widgets for test analytics. You can build your custom views with various widgets and get the intended insights for the stakeholders in no time by creating dashboards. It provides a centralized place where you can manage all your reports from one place.


It has various features like:

  • Test Case Health Snapshot Widget
  • Retrieve users based on the number of tests
  • Provide filter for Widgets by Projects
  • Filter out data based on time frame
  • Check Test Summary
  • Includes Task Status Ratio widget

For more info, read our blog on LambdaTest Test Analytics.

Leverage Automation Testing on OTT Streaming Devices

One of the fastest-growing industries, OTT platforms are transforming viewers’ preferences. People love to watch, read and interact with quality content —especially video content. Whether it is sports, news, TV shows, or videos captured on smartphones, people crave digital content. The emergence of OTT platforms has already shaped the way people consume content (viewers can now enjoy their favorite shows whenever they want rather than at pre-set times). Thus, the OTT platform’s concept of viewing anything, anytime, anywhere, has hit the right chord.

With that in mind, LambdaTest has launched a Smart TV automation testing cloud. Now you can perform tests on Smart TVs, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, and even Apple TV.

With that in mind, LambdaTest has launched a Smart TV automation testing cloud. Now you can perform tests on Smart TVs, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, and even Apple TV. LambdaTest’s tested and verified Smart TVs will help you deliver a quality web experience through your OTT application.


📚 Get started with OTT testing by reading our support document and following the steps to configure it on LambdaTest.

Unleash the Power of Responsive Testing with All New LT Browser 2.0

We are proud and strong to announce the beta release of the new Chromium-based LT Browser 2.0. The all-new LT Browser 2.0 is faster than ever as it is based on the latest native Chromium rendering engine (Blink) and will take your responsive testing to the next level with the power of Chromium.

Power of Responsive Testing

All New LT Browser 2.0 has come up with more options to offer that are:

  • Interact and Test With More Devices
  • Fasten Your Debugging Process With Multiple Dev
  • Generate and Share Multiple Bug Reports
  • Clearer UI and Dark Mode
  • Record With Entire Screen or Browser Tab

That’s not all; users also get these features as well:

  • Can see their test history
  • Can clear cookies from the settings
  • Unlimited tab options
  • Install Chrome extensions

We released LT Browser 2.0 to Beta testers, and we would like to hear your thoughts on it. Please share your experiences with us and let us know what features you want to see in future browser versions.

Revamped App Automation Dashboard

Besides Analytics Dashboard, we also launched the All New LambdaTest App Automation Dashboard, which will simplify your mobile app testing process and help you find and fix bugs quickly. The new dashboard is designed to handle all your testing tasks in one place, saving valuable time and effort across different projects.

The new App Automation Dashboard has several new features and improvements over our previous version. Here are the highlights:

  • Optimized navigation
  • Search across Build Name/ID, Test Name, and Test ID
  • Filter builds based on Date, Frameworks, Status, Users, and Project
  • View the progress of your build, session, and tests in a single view
  • Debug easily with rich Test Logs, Device Logs, Networks Logs and Appium Logs
  • Share Test Logs with your team members
  • Upload the application from your local system
  • View the Metadata of your automation tests
  • Get access to resources like documentation, GitHub samples, and more.

Try our New App Automation Dashboard and get more done faster.

Testμ 2022 Conference

August 2022 marked one of the most momentous months in LambdaTest’s history. We successfully hosted our first-ever online summit – Testµ Conference 2022, and commemorated LambdaTest’s fifth anniversary.

Summit goes on for three days with 25+ speakers across the globe, conducted in more than 30+ sessions with the theme “The Future of Testing.” It brings together software testers, developers, influencers, and community builders to talk about the future of testing and the people behind it.

At Testμ 2022 Conference, speakers talked on various areas like:

  • Unit Testing
  • API Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Automation
  • Visual Regression
  • Cross Browser Testing

Here are the highlights of the online summit:

Here are some Keynote Speakers of Testμ 2022 Conference –

  • Manoj Kumar, VP of Developer Relations, LambdaTest
  • Maneesh Sharma, COO, LambdaTest
  • Maaret Pyhäjärvi, Principal Test Engineer, Vaisala
  • Richard Bradshaw, CEO, Ministry of Testing
  • Chaithanya Kolar, Managing Director & Quality Engineering Leader, Deloitte US

Keynote Speakers of Testμ 2022 Conference

Watch for our Complete Playlist of Testμ 2022 Conference of 30+ sessions on the LambdaTest YouTube Channel.

With this, LambdaTest YouTube Channel also crossed 10000+ Subscribers and had a cumulative watch time of 110.3K+ hrs.

Addition of other Powerful Features

Besides visual regression and mobile app testing, we added several features in online browser testing, new OS releases, geolocation testing, new desired capabilities, mobile web app testing, and much more.

Here are some of the top feature releases from last year.

  • Latest OS Releases – We released macOS Ventura and iOS 16 for manual and automated cross browser testing. In addition, we also released Android 13, iOS 16, and Microsoft Surface Duo emulator to perform live-interactive testing of your mobile web and native apps.
  • Geolocation Testing – You can now perform manual and automated app testing of your iOS apps from different time zones. You can also perform Automated Geolocation testing of your websites and web apps using Playwright, Puppeteer, and Taiko.
  • New Desired Capabilities – We added two Visual UI testing capabilities to name Screenshots (driver.executeScript (“smartui.takeScreenshot= screenshot_name”)) and compare builds based on their names (“”: “byName”).
  • Mobile Web App Testing – You can test your mobile web app on real Android devices in different languages by setting your required language from our in-session toolbar with the Device Control option. Also, you can now copy and paste text from real devices to your local machine.
  • Pre-loaded Extension for Chrome – You can add your favorite Chrome extensions using the Pre-loaded Extension feature before launching the test session — no more logging in and adding Chrome extensions inside virtual machines.
  • Accessibility Testing – NVDA Speech Viewer is now available on Windows and macOS platforms for running accessibility tests in real-time browser testing.
  • Screenshot Testing – You can now capture automated screenshots of websites and web apps on Windows 11 and macOS.

Plethora of New Integrations

A major update includes new integrations, and we all are aware of how essential it is in your automation and testing tools in sync. That’s why we are constantly looking for ways to make your testing experiences more pleasant than ever and are always searching for new opportunities. With that in mind, we added dozens of new integrations for a great user experience and seamless project management, CI/CD, visual regression, bug management, codeless automation, and more.

Get the details on some of the new LambdaTest integrations that went live this year:

  • Katalon
  • Datadog
  • DevRev
  • Sumo Logic
  • Algona
  • Zapier
  • Bugasura
  • Bryntum
  • Evinced
  • Deque
  • Google Chat
  • GoodDay
  • Bitrise CI
  • Zoho BugTracker
  • Flock
  • Tricentis Tosca
  • Ghost Inspector
  • RKTracer
  • testRigor
  • TestComplete
  • Zephyr Scale

With these new integrations, you can streamline your testing process and can increase flexibility and productivity in your testing workflow. We are adding more third-party integrations to allow you to run seamless cross browser testing faster. If your favorite tool is missing, do let us know, and we’ll make that happen.

Hosted 10+ Webinars

We love connecting with our users and readers and answering their queries regularly. And we know that webinars are the most effective way to accomplish this. So throughout this year, LambdaTest successfully hosted 10+ webinars on topics with one level up, like Selenium, HyperExecute, Test Automation, BDD Pitfalls, etc.

Bringing community to the forefront, we introduced Voices of Community – a monthly talk where we chat through a diverse range of topics within the testing ecosystem.

Here are the five pinnacle webinars of 2022:

Issued 545+ Certifications

Congratulations to our certificants who earned VALUABLE in-demand LambdaTest certifications for 2022. Our certificants demonstrated their versatility and vincible abilities! This year, we issued over 545 certifications! Achieving these certifications requires huge hard work and dedication. We are proud of your accomplishments and wish you all the best for continued success.

Besides, we also launched some new and emerging technologies certifications like Playwright 102, Playwright 101, and Selenium Ruby 101.

Would you like to take your career in testing to the next level? Look no further than LambdaTest certifications! LambdaTest Certifications will set you apart from your peers and upgrade your skills and knowledge around test automation. So why wait? Start your journey towards a Lambdatest certification today and take your career to new heights!

LambdaTest Certifications

We are excited to present LambdaTest Test Automation Professional Certificate on LinkedIn Learning.

Recognitions and Awards

First, we would like to sincerely thank all our power users and partners for their feedback and loyalty. In 2022, our technology was recognized by industry giants. We are incredibly humbled by the accolades bestowed upon us in 2022:

  • G2 Fall Leader
  • G2 Enterprise High Performer
  • G2 Best Usability
  • G2 Asia Pacific Leader
  • G2 Easiest To Do Business With
  • GetApp Category Leader in Automation Testing

Recognitions and Awards 1

Raised $45M in Series C

We raised $45 million in a Series C round led by Premji Invest in participation with existing investors Sequoia Capital India, Telstra Ventures, Blume Ventures, and Leo Capital as well. This round of funding helps us capitalize on new product innovation, enhancing our existing product capabilities and accelerating their growth, and making a vigorous, all-inclusive cloud testing platform for developers and testers across the globe.

LambdaTest’s Memorable Events

2022 has been an amazing year; we grew and expanded and celebrated various events at our Noida, Bangalore, and Chandigarh locations. Here are some glimpses of events that happened this year.

LambdaTest Turned 5!

It’s hard to believe that LambdaTest turned five years old! Time flies when you’re having fun, and we certainly had a lot of fun over the past half-decade. To celebrate this milestone, we hosted many games and activities. We are very beholden to the support of our users, team members, and partners and look forward to continuing to serve the tech community for many years to come.


Diwali Celebrations!

Diwali is also known as the “festival of lights.” At LambdaTest, we celebrated Diwali with great enthusiasm and joy. Our office was decorated with colorful lights and traditional decorations, and we organized many fun activities for our team.


Christmas Celebrations!

At LambdaTest, we love to get into the holiday spirit by decorating our offices and participating in various festive activities. One of our favorite traditions is having a secret Santa gift exchange and holding a special Christmas-themed team. Overall, Christmas at LambdaTest is a time of fun, celebration, and giving back.


What’s Next In 2023!

Hope you had amazing holidays and are getting ready to start the new year. Now, it’s time for resolutions, goals, and projects in the great testing world. This is our favorite time of year to reflect on the year that was and all of the awesome features and advancements in store for 2023!

Beyond these outstanding accomplishments in 2022, we are incredibly excited about what lies ahead in 2023! Our roadmap is jam-packed with features we can’t wait for you to see very soon! We are currently working on adding more features around LT Browser 2.0, real device cloud, visual regression cloud and expanding our infrastructure further to cater to our 1M+ users and 500+ enterprises across 130+ countries.

We are proud of all our customers and their achievements with our platform. Customer success is our top priority, and we are delighted that we can help so many. Our team enables this innovation through rapid release cycles, continual updates, and product innovation. We look forward to continuing to empower digital transformation bringing even more innovation to market in 2023!

Happy New Year & Keep Testing!

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