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Divyasshree a developer turned technical writer with a passion for storytelling. With a background in software development, she has a unique perspective on the tech industry and enjoys sharing their insights through writing. At present, Divyasshree is a Web3 writer, looking for the latest startup stories and exploring how technology intersects with other fields. In their free time, Divyasshree can be found perfecting their dance moves or working on their next story.

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Best 27 Test Management Tools For Developers [2023]

When a software product has a large user base, introducing a new feature requires rigorous testing to ensure that it functions as intended and does not affect the user experience.

March 29, 2023

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Best Cross Browser Testing Tools For 2023

Cross Browser Testing

11 Best Cross Browser Testing Tools For 2023

According to the World Quality Report 2023 published by Capgemini in partnership with Sogeti and Micro Focus, 72% of organizations believe Quality Engineering and Testing can make a difference with the environmental aspects of sustainable IT.

January 24, 2023

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