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Mobile App Testing Scenarios

15 Most Important Mobile App Testing Scenarios

Mobile app testing is critical in the mobile development lifecycle. Developers and app testers should think of different mobile app testing scenarios before making them live. This is particularly important given the number of apps released daily. According to Statista, mobile app downloads worldwide have increased to 218 billion in 2020.

Ruchira Shukla
December 29, 2021
Mobile App Testing β€’
junit 5 mockito tutorial

Complete JUnit 5 Mockito Tutorial For Unit Testing

Mockito is a unit testing framework for Java that simplifies the task of automation testing. It makes unit testing highly effective with clean tests, thanks to dependency injection and compile-time checks.

Ruchira Shukla
December 6, 2021
Automation β€’ Selenium Java β€’
RepeatedTest Annotation In JUnit

How To Use @RepeatedTest Annotation In JUnit 5

The JUnit framework is a popular test automation framework for unit testing in Java. The latest version of JUnit, i.e., JUnit 5 (also known as Jupiter), offers a number of improvements over JUnit 4.

Ruchira Shukla
October 27, 2021
Automation β€’ Selenium Java β€’
JUnit Test Using TestNG

How To Run JUnit Selenium Tests using TestNG

Both JUnit and TestNG are popular unit testing frameworks that have been widely accepted by Java developers. JUnit was introduced as an open-source unit testing framework for Java way back in 1997. In fact, JUnit is one of the widely used test automation frameworks for Selenium test automation.

Ruchira Shukla
July 27, 2021
Selenium Java β€’ Automation β€’
TestNG vs JUnit

TestNG vs JUnit: Which testing framework should you choose?

A test automation framework is a set of components that facilitates the execution of tests along with reporting the results of the test execution. However, the discovery of the right test automation framework can be super-challenging since there are so many options at your perusal.

Ruchira Shukla
May 24, 2021
Automation β€’ Selenium Java β€’