What will this $45 million fundraise mean for you, our customers

Jay Singh

Posted On: March 29, 2022

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We just raised $45 million in a venture round led by Premji Invest with participation from existing investors. Here’s what we intend to do with the money.

We raised our last venture round only about 10 months ago. Since then, we’ve really just put our heads down and executed ceaselessly to scale our core test execution platform. I’m happy to say that we’ve added a slew of new features, enhanced existing ones, and have also come up with two new products.

While I’ll delve deeper into the new products in a bit, I’d like to point out a few highlights on our core platform:

  • We launched Cypress Testing
  • Mobile app testing on real devices is now a reality
  • We’ve gone all out on integrations-Datadog, TestingWhiz, Diffy, Testsigma, QMetry, Cerberus, Applitools, Microsoft Teams Apps, YouTrack, Linear App, Notion, Bugzilla, PagerDuty, Bugsnag, Google Cloud C, and many more.
  • Custom Network throttling and accessibility testing support in real-time has helped our customers test for different conditions and be more inclusive
  • We launched a new automation & analytics dashboard to help you visualize your metrics better
  • Each of these enhancements and additions has helped meet the growing needs of our users.

    With that being said, I’d like to touch upon our two new products.

    Speed for enterprises- The HyperExecute Story

    Along this journey, we’ve been talking and learning from many developers and testers. One of the most common qualms they had was the speed of test execution.

    “How can we reduce test execution time in the fast-paced digital economy where code is shipped every hour?”

    This got us thinking and we decided to work on how we could solve it as it was becoming a crucial KPI in QA organizations across enterprises.

    There are two parts to this problem.

    Part 1- Setting up an in-house testing infrastructure is an expensive bet when it comes to maintenance, constant upgrades, resources required and it is also a time-consuming exercise. Neither is an in-house infrastructure designed for scale or to the needs of the QA team which is always looking to debug faster and get detailed logs to track various crucial metrics like Flaky Test Deduction (FTD), etc.

    Part 2- Existing legacy grid providers on Cloud cannot match the speed of local execution and to top it up, they are slow, have a high flakiness rate, error rates, etc, thereby making them very unreliable.

    We launched HyperExecute to solve exactly this.

    HyperExecute is a next-gen smart test orchestration platform designed for QA teams to run end-to-end Selenium tests at the fastest speed possible. It is up to 70% faster than traditional Selenium Grid clouds and hence helps businesses achieve quicker time-to-market. This directly impacts the business performance and helps increase release velocity.

    Some of HyperExecute’s smart features include: –

    -Smart Auto Test Splitting
    -Matrix-based build multiplexing
    -Auto purging of environments after build completion
    -Smart Caching for speeding up the regression tests
    -Allows real-time streaming of terminal logs
    -Offers a completely customizable test execution environment using pre and post-scripts
    -Gives end-to-end visibility of all test logs

    We recently launched HyperExecute, and we are already getting some overwhelming traction.

    HyperExecute is available on both public and dedicated and on-prem cloud.

    We will focus a lot of our efforts on scaling HyperExecute and making it a truly next-gen world-leading end-to-end test execution platform. You can book a demo here if you want to experience test execution at hyper speed.

    With HyperExecute solving the needs of QAs across enterprises, how could we leave out the developers? What about innovating for them? That’s exactly where we took a shift left approach. 🙂

    While HyperExecute is focused on brute speed and smart features, we also wanted to bring out a product that is focused on shift-left testing for developers as we felt that the existing solutions aren’t doing justice to this dire need.

    Testing Hyperexecute

    Enter Test-at-Scale (TAS)!

    High-velocity engineering organizations need:

    Smart test selection: This feature deterministically selects the right set of tests to execute for every commit. This has a huge impact on developer productivity by reducing their wait times to a huge extent. As a result, a lot less infra bandwidth and time are consumed for running tests on every commit. This is much more accurate than machine learning approaches and much more convenient than manually designing heuristics to save testing time.

    Smart test orchestration: TAS will have intelligent data from historic runs to reorder the test executions for the next builds to ensure that the tests which are prone to fail, run first and fail fast. This is a continuous learning system, which optimizes the build runs to complete fast, and if test failure has to occur it happens fast.

    Flaky test management: TAS provides an automated pipeline to check for test flakiness for newly introduced tests in the system and every time a test is modified. Until the test passes the stability pipeline, it’s not counted as a part of the final build. TAS allows users to pick multiple strategies to check for flakiness, such as consecutively executing tests for x number of times, reordering test execution, and a lot more. As the team size grows, major emphasis is put on code coverage, and consequently, focus shifts away from test code quality.

    Culprit finding: For post-merge scenarios where organizations tend to run integration tests for a group of commits or periodically, it’s a blocker when the build breaks because it’s not clear which commit broke the build. As a result, devs have to manually scavenge through commits and find the real culprit which is a huge loss of time.

    On top of all this, our data intelligence layer will help you get full visibility into KPIs like Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), flake rate, failed tests, among others.

    We are working closely with the open-source community to test out TAS and make it better. We will soon launch it to the open market.

    With HyperExecute and TAS, we are hoping to make testing intelligent and a lot less effort-intensive. We want to help our customers ‘orchestrate’ tests with deeper insights rather than just running them.

    Watch this webinar to learn about enterprise-wide actionable strategies, the dos and don’ts of automation testing and DevOps tooling that will help you improve the release and test velocity.

    What really is our aim?

    Over the last four and a half years we’ve constantly tried to build features that will help our customers give the best possible customer experience. We want to push the boundaries of speed, reliability and performance of test execution.

    With each feature release or product launch, we are getting closer to the goal. We want you, our customers, to have a modern test execution platform for your modern digital business.

    Thank you!

    We are a young, agile, and customer-driven company and your trust contributes to keeping our spirits high! And we are confident in this journey, we will continue to deliver more value to this partnership by bringing new features and solutions for the community we serve.

    We look forward to your continued support!

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