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Explore LambdaTest's cutting-edge platform with Exploratory Testing, Mobile & Web Automation,
HyperExecute, SmartUI, and Test Intelligence and Compete for glory and prizes!

Calender17th & 18th September, 2024

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Bootcamp Agenda

Day 117th September 2024

Day 218th September 2024

30 mins

05:00 PM - 05:30 PM IST

Exploratory Testing with LambdaTest

Learn adaptable techniques to confidently assess software, detect risks, and enhance product quality with skillful assessment.

  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Emulators & Simulators
  • Real Devices
  • Virtual Devices

15 mins

05:30 PM - 05:45 PM IST

LambdaTest Tools

Get familiar with the powerful LambdaTest tools and learn how to use them effectively to enhance the quality of your software.

  • UnderPass Tunnel
  • LT Debug
  • LT Browser 2.0

60 mins

05:45 PM - 06:45 PM IST

Automation Testing with LambdaTest

Get in-depth training on how to implement efficient automated testing strategies using LambdaTest to increase accuracy and reduce manual effort.

  • Browser Automation
  • Visual Regression
  • App Automation
  • Continuous Testing

15 mins

06:45 PM - 07:00 PM IST

Q&A Session

In addition to answering all your questions, our experts can provide insights into the testing process and provide information about best practices, testing concepts, and more.

Meet Our LambdaTest Experts

Neeraj S

Neeraj S

Customer Success Architect, LambdaTest

Gagandeep Singh Bhatia

Gagandeep Singh Bhatia

Customer Success Architect, LambdaTest

Shivi Tyagi

Shivi Tyagi

Customer Success Architect, LambdaTest

Continuous Testing Cloud For Quality Digital Experience

Reasons to Attend LambdaTest Bootcamp

Learn LambdaTest's Advance Automation Features by experts.
Gain hands-on experience through real-world scenarios.
Learn about LambdaTest's Test Orchestration & Intelligence Platform.
Earn globally recognized LambdaTest Certifications to boost your career!
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Participate in
Test & Run Challenge
& Win Exciting Prizes

Top 10 winners of every Monthly Bootcamp will get a chance to win custom LambdaTest cool swags!

Challenge Eligibility & Deadline: April Bootcamp Participants must complete all activities from their registered email address. Deadline for challenge is May 15th and final Leaderboard will publish on May 16th, 2024.


For more details, please see the FAQ segment below.

Continuous Testing Cloud For Quality Digital Experience

How to score points in
"Test & Run" Challenge

Attend Both Sessions (Day 01 and Day 02)
Sign up and Run Automation Tests on LambdaTest
Complete all 3 Bootcamp Certifications and showcase on LinkedIn.
Fill out our quick survey form.

All individual scores of certification completions, session attendance, run automation tests,
and scores filled with survey form will be added to your total score.

'April 2024 Bootcamp' Challenge Leaderboard

Here is the list of Top 10 Winners

Full Name
1st Jigar Bhanushali
2nd Shubham Dubey
3rd Bharadwaj Koda
4th Matias Bazzano
5th Badam Rajgopal
6th Hari Chandra
7th Hema Jaisree S V
8th Kirubananthi G
9th Priyanka Gade
10th Ruta Pande

This Leaderboard has been announced On: May 15th | 05:00 PM IST

For more details on how the points in the leaderboard are calculated, please see the FAQ segment below.

Why Participate

Prizes for Top 10 Participants

Prizes for Top 10 Participants

Get your Hands on Trendy Cool Swags

Get your Hands on Trendy Cool Swags

Get Certified & Showcase and Add it on Linkedln

Get Certified & Showcase and Add it on Linkedln

Run your Automation Test Scripts Seamlessly

Run your Automation Test Scripts Seamlessly

Attend Bootcamp Sessions from LambdaTest Experts

Attend Bootcamp Sessions from LambdaTest Experts

Learning Materials

Cross Browser Testing

PlayReal Time Testing on Desktop Browsers

PlayReal Time Testing on Mobile Browsers

PlayAutomation Testing on Desktop Browsers

PlayAutomation Testing on Mobile Browsers

PlayMastering Cross Browser Testing: Unleash Seamless Web Compatibility with LambdaTest

PlayGetting Started with Manual Cross Browser TestingPlayGetting Started with Automated Browser TestingPlayCross Browser Testing TutorialPlayCross Browser Compatibility Testing TutorialPlayImportance of Cross Browser TestingPlayBrowser Compatibility Matrix
Mobile App Testing

PlayReal Time Testing on Mobile Browsers

PlayReal Time App Testing on Emulators & Simulators

PlayReal Time Browser Testing on Real Devices

PlayReal Time App Testing on Real Devices

PlayApp Automation on Real Devices

PlayMobile App Testing Masterclass: Harness the Power of LambdaTest for Flawless App Experiences

PlayGetting Started with Real Time Mobile App TestingPlayGetting Started with Appium TestingPlayGetting Started with Espresso TestingPlayGetting Started with XCUI TestingPlayMobile App Testing Tutorial

PlayHow to Run Tests on HyperExecute

PlayAccelerate Your Test Automation with LambdaTest's HyperExecute AI Powered Solution

PlayGetting Started with HyperExecutePlayHyperExecute YAML GeneratorPlayHyperExecute YAML Guide

PlayAutomated Visual Regression Testing

Play Introducing LambdaTest Smart UI

PlayUnleash Your Web Testing Potential: Explore the Power of SmartUI with LambdaTest

PlayGetting Started with Visual Regression TestingPlayVisual Regression Testing TutorialPlayGuide To Playwright Visual Regression TestingPlayGuide To Cypress Visual Regression Testing

PlayIntroduction to LambdaTest Analytics

PlayUnveiling Data Insights Empower Your Testing with LambdaTest's Analytics Dashboard

PlayGetting Started with LambdaTest AnalyticsPlayIntroducing LambdaTest Analytics

Bootcamp Certifications

Manual Testing Manual Testing

This certification is ideal for testing professionals who want to acquire advanced, hands-on knowledge in manual testing.

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Automation Testing Automation Testing

Propel your career forward with this certification, tailored for professionals seeking to thrive in the field of automation testing.

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HyperExecute HyperExecute

Master basics of end-to-end automation testing skills and running tests on LambdaTest HyperExecute Cloud.

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How are the points in the Test & Run Challenge leaderboard calculated?
Test & Run Bootcamp Challenge leaderboard is calculated on the basis of points you get as part of following activities:
  • Points scored in all 3 Certifications & Showcase skills
  • Participation in both Sessions
  • Points scored in Running Automation Tests on LambdaTest
  • Points scored in Filling Survey Form

In the certifications, if you pass, you will be awarded the following points:
  • Manual Testing: 100 Points
  • Automation Testing: 200 Points
  • HyperExecute: 200 Points
  • Add Certifications to LinkedIn Profile: 100 Points

Note: You will receive your certificate within 48 hours of your submission and in case of fail, you are allowed to re-attempt the certification exam only after 15 days.

Session Attendance: In the sessions, based on the number of minutes you attend the session, you will receive the points. The maximum points scored in every session is 100 points.

Run Automation Tests on LambdaTest: Participants with maximum number of minutes of running automation tests on LambdaTest will get higher points. The maximum points scored is 100 points.

Fill Out the Survey Form: Fill our quick survey form by answering all questions. The maximum points scored is 100 points.

The maximum points one can score will be: 1000 points.

Challenge Eligibility: Participants must complete all above activities from their registered email address.
How can I contact with LambdaTest for joining link and other related queries?
Please check your inbox mail received from If you haven't received or in case of any further queries, please write to us at