How to use go_back method of Selenium.WebDriver.Remote Package

Best Selenium code snippet using Selenium.WebDriver.Remote.go_back


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...43 end44 def visit(path)45 end47 def go_back48 browser.navigate.back49 end50 def go_forward51 browser.navigate.forward52 end53 def html54 browser.page_source55 end56 def title57 browser.title58 end59 def current_url60 browser.current_url61 end62 def find_xpath(selector)63 browser.find_elements(:xpath, selector).map { |node|, node) }64 end65 def find_css(selector)66 browser.find_elements(:css, selector).map { |node|, node) }67 end68 def wait?; true; end69 def needs_server?; true; end70 def execute_script(script, *args)71 browser.execute_script(script, * { |arg| arg.is_a?(Capybara::Selenium::Node) ? arg.native : arg} )72 end73 def evaluate_script(script, *args)74 result = execute_script("return #{script}", *args)75 unwrap_script_result(result)76 end77 def save_screenshot(path, _options={})78 browser.save_screenshot(path)79 end80 def reset!81 # Use instance variable directly so we avoid starting the browser just to reset the session82 if @browser83 navigated = false84 start_time = Capybara::Helpers.monotonic_time85 begin86 if !navigated87 # Only trigger a navigation if we haven't done it already, otherwise it88 # can trigger an endless series of unload modals89 begin90 @browser.manage.delete_all_cookies91 if options[:clear_session_storage]92 if @browser.respond_to? :session_storage93 @browser.session_storage.clear94 else95 warn "sessionStorage clear requested but is not available for this driver"96 end97 end98 if options[:clear_local_storage]99 if @browser.respond_to? :local_storage100 @browser.local_storage.clear101 else102 warn "localStorage clear requested but is not available for this driver"103 end104 end105 rescue Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnhandledError106 # delete_all_cookies fails when we've previously gone107 # to about:blank, so we rescue this error and do nothing108 # instead.109 end110"about:blank")111 end112 navigated = true113 #Ensure the page is empty and trigger an UnhandledAlertError for any modals that appear during unload114 until find_xpath("/html/body/*").empty? do115 raise'Timed out waiting for Selenium session reset') if (Capybara::Helpers.monotonic_time - start_time) >= 10116 sleep 0.05117 end118 rescue Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnhandledAlertError119 # This error is thrown if an unhandled alert is on the page120 # Firefox appears to automatically dismiss this alert, chrome does not121 # We'll try to accept it122 begin123 @browser.switch_to.alert.accept124 sleep 0.25 # allow time for the modal to be handled125 rescue Selenium::WebDriver::Error::NoAlertPresentError126 # The alert is now gone - nothing to do127 end128 # try cleaning up the browser again129 retry130 end131 end132 end133 def switch_to_frame(frame)134 case frame135 when :top136 @frame_handles[browser.window_handle] = []137 browser.switch_to.default_content138 when :parent139 # would love to use browser.switch_to.parent_frame here140 # but it has an issue if the current frame is removed from within it141 @frame_handles[browser.window_handle].pop142 browser.switch_to.default_content143 @frame_handles[browser.window_handle].each { |fh| browser.switch_to.frame(fh) }144 else145 @frame_handles[browser.window_handle] ||= []146 @frame_handles[browser.window_handle] << frame.native147 browser.switch_to.frame(frame.native)148 end149 end150 def current_window_handle151 browser.window_handle152 end153 def window_size(handle)154 within_given_window(handle) do155 size = browser.manage.window.size156 [size.width, size.height]157 end158 end159 def resize_window_to(handle, width, height)160 within_given_window(handle) do161 browser.manage.window.resize_to(width, height)162 end163 end164 def maximize_window(handle)165 within_given_window(handle) do166 browser.manage.window.maximize167 end168 sleep 0.1 # work around for end170 def close_window(handle)171 within_given_window(handle) do172 browser.close173 end174 end175 def window_handles176 browser.window_handles177 end178 def open_new_window179 browser.execute_script(';')180 end181 def switch_to_window(handle)182 browser.switch_to.window handle183 end184 def within_window(locator)185 handle = find_window(locator)186 browser.switch_to.window(handle) { yield }187 end188 def accept_modal(_type, options={})189 yield if block_given?190 modal = find_modal(options)191 modal.send_keys options[:with] if options[:with]192 message = modal.text193 modal.accept194 message195 end196 def dismiss_modal(_type, options={})197 yield if block_given?198 modal = find_modal(options)199 message = modal.text200 modal.dismiss201 message202 end203 def quit204 @browser.quit if @browser205 rescue Errno::ECONNREFUSED206 # Browser must have already gone207 rescue Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnknownError => e208 unless silenced_unknown_error_message?(e.message) # Most likely already gone209 # probably already gone but not sure - so warn210 warn "Ignoring Selenium UnknownError during driver quit: #{e.message}"211 end212 ensure213 @browser = nil214 end215 def invalid_element_errors216 [Selenium::WebDriver::Error::StaleElementReferenceError,217 Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnhandledError,218 Selenium::WebDriver::Error::ElementNotVisibleError,219 Selenium::WebDriver::Error::InvalidSelectorError] # Work around a race condition that can occur with chromedriver and #go_back/#go_forward220 end221 def no_such_window_error222 Selenium::WebDriver::Error::NoSuchWindowError223 end224 # @api private225 def find_window(locator)226 handles = browser.window_handles227 return locator if handles.include? locator228 original_handle = browser.window_handle229 handles.each do |handle|230 switch_to_window(handle)231 if (locator == browser.execute_script("return") ||232 browser.title.include?(locator) ||233 browser.current_url.include?(locator))...

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