How to use window_handle method of Selenium.WebDriver.Remote Package

Best Selenium code snippet using Selenium.WebDriver.Remote.window_handle


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...139 end140 def switch_to_frame(frame)141 case frame142 when :top143 @frame_handles[browser.window_handle] = []144 browser.switch_to.default_content145 when :parent146 # would love to use browser.switch_to.parent_frame here147 # but it has an issue if the current frame is removed from within it148 @frame_handles[browser.window_handle].pop149 browser.switch_to.default_content150 @frame_handles[browser.window_handle].each { |fh| browser.switch_to.frame(fh) }151 else152 @frame_handles[browser.window_handle] ||= []153 @frame_handles[browser.window_handle] << frame.native154 browser.switch_to.frame(frame.native)155 end156 end157 def current_window_handle158 browser.window_handle159 end160 def window_size(handle)161 within_given_window(handle) do162 size = browser.manage.window.size163 [size.width, size.height]164 end165 end166 def resize_window_to(handle, width, height)167 within_given_window(handle) do168 # Don't set the size if already set - See if marionette? && (window_size(handle) == [width, height])170 {}171 else172 browser.manage.window.resize_to(width, height)173 end174 end175 end176 def maximize_window(handle)177 within_given_window(handle) do178 browser.manage.window.maximize179 end180 sleep 0.1 # work around for end182 def close_window(handle)183 within_given_window(handle) do184 browser.close185 end186 end187 def window_handles188 browser.window_handles189 end190 def open_new_window191 browser.execute_script(';')192 end193 def switch_to_window(handle)194 browser.switch_to.window handle195 end196 def within_window(locator)197 handle = find_window(locator)198 browser.switch_to.window(handle) { yield }199 end200 def accept_modal(_type, options={})201 yield if block_given?202 modal = find_modal(options)203 modal.send_keys options[:with] if options[:with]204 message = modal.text205 modal.accept206 message207 end208 def dismiss_modal(_type, options={})209 yield if block_given?210 modal = find_modal(options)211 message = modal.text212 modal.dismiss213 message214 end215 def quit216 @browser.quit if @browser217 rescue Selenium::WebDriver::Error::SessionNotCreatedError, Errno::ECONNREFUSED218 # Browser must have already gone219 rescue Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnknownError => e220 unless silenced_unknown_error_message?(e.message) # Most likely already gone221 # probably already gone but not sure - so warn222 warn "Ignoring Selenium UnknownError during driver quit: #{e.message}"223 end224 ensure225 @browser = nil226 end227 def invalid_element_errors228 [::Selenium::WebDriver::Error::StaleElementReferenceError,229 ::Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnhandledError,230 ::Selenium::WebDriver::Error::ElementNotVisibleError,231 ::Selenium::WebDriver::Error::InvalidSelectorError, # Work around a race condition that can occur with chromedriver and #go_back/#go_forward232 ::Selenium::WebDriver::Error::ElementNotInteractableError,233 ::Selenium::WebDriver::Error::ElementClickInterceptedError,234 ::Selenium::WebDriver::Error::InvalidElementStateError,235 ::Selenium::WebDriver::Error::ElementNotSelectableError,236 ]237 end238 def no_such_window_error239 Selenium::WebDriver::Error::NoSuchWindowError240 end241 # @api private242 def marionette?243 firefox? && browser && @w3c244 end245 # @api private246 def firefox?247 browser_name == "firefox"248 end249 # @api private250 def chrome?251 browser_name == "chrome"252 end253 # @deprecated This method is being removed254 def browser_initialized?255 super && !@browser.nil?256 end257 private258 # @api private259 def browser_name260 options[:browser].to_s261 end262 def modal_error263 if defined?(Selenium::WebDriver::Error::NoSuchAlertError)264 Selenium::WebDriver::Error::NoSuchAlertError265 else266 Selenium::WebDriver::Error::NoAlertPresentError267 end268 end269 def find_window(locator)270 handles = browser.window_handles271 return locator if handles.include? locator272 original_handle = browser.window_handle273 handles.each do |handle|274 switch_to_window(handle)275 if (locator == browser.execute_script("return") ||276 browser.title.include?(locator) ||277 browser.current_url.include?(locator))278 switch_to_window(original_handle)279 return handle280 end281 end282 raise Capybara::ElementNotFound, "Could not find a window identified by #{locator}"283 end284 def insert_modal_handlers(accept, response_text)285 prompt_response = if accept286 if response_text.nil?287 "default_text"288 else289 "'#{response_text.gsub("\\", "\\\\\\").gsub("'", "\\\\'")}'"290 end291 else292 'null'293 end294 script = <<-JS295 if (typeof window.capybara === 'undefined') {296 window.capybara = {297 modal_handlers: [],298 current_modal_status: function() {299 return [this.modal_handlers[0].called, this.modal_handlers[0].modal_text];300 },301 add_handler: function(handler) {302 this.modal_handlers.unshift(handler);303 },304 remove_handler: function(handler) {305 window.alert = handler.alert;306 window.confirm = handler.confirm;307 window.prompt = handler.prompt;308 },309 handler_called: function(handler, str) {310 handler.called = true;311 handler.modal_text = str;312 this.remove_handler(handler);313 }314 };315 };316 var modal_handler = {317 prompt: window.prompt,318 confirm: window.confirm,319 alert: window.alert,320 called: false321 }322 window.capybara.add_handler(modal_handler);323 window.alert = window.confirm = function(str = "") {324 window.capybara.handler_called(modal_handler, str.toString());325 return #{accept ? 'true' : 'false'};326 }327 window.prompt = function(str = "", default_text = "") {328 window.capybara.handler_called(modal_handler, str.toString());329 return #{prompt_response};330 }331 JS332 execute_script script333 end334 def within_given_window(handle)335 original_handle = self.current_window_handle336 if handle == original_handle337 yield338 else339 switch_to_window(handle)340 result = yield341 switch_to_window(original_handle)342 result343 end344 end345 def find_modal(options={})346 # Selenium has its own built in wait (2 seconds)for a modal to show up, so this wait is really the minimum time347 # Actual wait time may be longer than specified348 wait = timeout: options.fetch(:wait, session_options.default_max_wait_time) || 0 ,...

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