How to use port_key method of Capybara Package

Best Capybara code snippet using Capybara.port_key


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...26 @server_thread = nil # suppress warnings27 @host = deprecated_options[1] || host28 @reportable_errors = deprecated_options[2] || reportable_errors29 @port = deprecated_options[0] || port30 @port ||= Capybara::Server.ports[port_key]31 @port ||= find_available_port(host)32 @checker =, @port)33 end34 def reset_error!35 middleware.clear_error36 end37 def error38 middleware.error39 end40 def using_ssl?41 @checker.ssl?42 end43 def responsive?44 return false if @server_thread&.join(0)45 res = @checker.request { |http| http.get('/__identify__') }46 return res.body == app.object_id.to_s if res.is_a?(Net::HTTPSuccess) || res.is_a?(Net::HTTPRedirection)47 rescue SystemCallError, Net::ReadTimeout, OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError48 false49 end50 def wait_for_pending_requests51 timer = Capybara::Helpers.timer(expire_in: 60)52 while pending_requests?53 raise 'Requests did not finish in 60 seconds' if timer.expired?54 sleep 0.0155 end56 end57 def boot58 unless responsive?59 Capybara::Server.ports[port_key] = port60 @server_thread = do61, port, host)62 end63 timer = Capybara::Helpers.timer(expire_in: 60)64 until responsive?65 raise 'Rack application timed out during boot' if timer.expired?66 @server_thread.join(0.1)67 end68 end69 self70 end71 def base_url72 "http#{'s' if using_ssl?}://#{host}:#{port}"73 end74 private75 def middleware76 @middleware ||=, @reportable_errors, @extra_middleware)77 end78 def port_key79 Capybara.reuse_server ? app.object_id : middleware.object_id80 end81 def pending_requests?82 middleware.pending_requests?83 end84 def find_available_port(host)85 server =, 0)86 server.addr[1]87 ensure88 server&.close89 end90 end91end...

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