How to use quit method of Capybara Package

Best Capybara code snippet using Capybara.quit


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...46RSpec.describe Capybara::Selenium::Driver do47 before do48 @driver =, browser: :firefox, options: browser_options)49 end50 describe '#quit' do51 it "should reset browser when quit" do52 expect(@driver.browser).to be53 @driver.quit54 #access instance variable directly so we don't create a new browser instance55 expect(@driver.instance_variable_get(:@browser)).to be_nil56 end57 context "with errors" do58 before do59 @original_browser = @driver.browser60 end61 after do62 # Ensure browser is actually quit so we don't leave hanging processe63 @original_browser.quit65 end66 it "warns UnknownError returned during quit because the browser is probably already gone" do67 expect_any_instance_of(Capybara::Selenium::Driver).to receive(:warn).with(/random message/)68 allow(@driver.browser).to(69 receive(:quit)70 .and_raise(Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnknownError, "random message")71 )72 expect { @driver.quit }.not_to raise_error73 expect(@driver.instance_variable_get(:@browser)).to be_nil74 end75 it "ignores silenced UnknownError returned during quit because the browser is almost definitely already gone" do76 expect_any_instance_of(Capybara::Selenium::Driver).not_to receive(:warn)77 allow(@driver.browser).to(78 receive(:quit)79 .and_raise(Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnknownError, "Error communicating with the remote browser")80 )81 expect { @driver.quit }.not_to raise_error82 expect(@driver.instance_variable_get(:@browser)).to be_nil83 end84 end85 end86 context "storage" do87 describe "#reset!" do88 it "does not clear either storage by default" do89 @session = TestSessions::SeleniumMarionette90 @session.visit('/with_js')91 @session.find(:css, '#set-storage').click92 @session.reset!93 @session.visit('/with_js')94 expect(@session.driver.browser.local_storage.keys).not_to be_empty95 expect(@session.driver.browser.session_storage.keys).not_to be_empty...

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1 def search_for(search_term)2 visit('/')3 fill_in('q', :with => search_term)4 click_button('Google Search')5google.search_for('Capybara')6 rand(100)7 expect(get_random_number).to be_between(0, 100)8Failure/Error: expect(get_random_number).to be_between(0, 100)9 rand(100)10 expect(get_random_number).to be_between(0, 100)11Failure/Error: expect(get_random_number).to be_between(0, 100)12 rand(100)

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