How to use tests_in_groups method of ParallelTests.Test Package

Best Parallel_tests_ruby code snippet using ParallelTests.Test.tests_in_groups


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...36 group_opts[:runtime_log] = "tmp/turbo_rspec_runtime.log"37 else38 group_opts[:group_by] = :filesize39 end40 tests_in_groups =41 ParallelTests::RSpec::Runner.tests_in_groups(42 @files,43 @num_processes,44 **group_opts,45 )46 setup_tmp_dir47 subprocess_opts = {48 record_runtime: use_runtime_info49 }50 start_multisite_subprocess(@files, **subprocess_opts)51 tests_in_groups.each_with_index do |tests, process_id|52 start_regular_subprocess(tests, process_id + 1, **subprocess_opts)53 end54 handle_messages55 @reporter.finish56 @threads.each(&:join)57 @reporter.failed_examples.empty?58 end59 protected60 def check_for_migrations61 config =62 ActiveRecord::Base63 .configurations["test"]64 .merge("database" => "discourse_test_1")65 ActiveRecord::Tasks::DatabaseTasks.migrations_paths = ['db/migrate', 'db/post_migrate']...

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...3 def size_of(group)4 group.inject(0) { |sum, test| sum += File.stat(test).size }5 end6 7 describe :tests_in_groups_of do8 before :all do9 system "rm -rf #{FAKE_RAILS_ROOT}; mkdir -p #{FAKE_RAILS_ROOT}/test/temp"10 1.upto(100) do |i|11 size = 100 * i12"#{FAKE_RAILS_ROOT}/test/temp/x#{i}_test.rb", 'w') { |f| f.puts 'x' * size }13 end14 end15 it "finds all tests" do16 found = ParallelTests.tests_in_groups(FAKE_RAILS_ROOT, 1)17 all = [ Dir["#{FAKE_RAILS_ROOT}/test/**/*_test.rb"] ]18 (found.flatten - all.flatten).should == []19 end20 it "partitions them into groups by equal size" do21 groups = ParallelTests.tests_in_groups(FAKE_RAILS_ROOT, 2)22 groups.size.should == 223 group0 = size_of(groups[0])24 group1 = size_of(groups[1])25 diff = group0 * 0.126 group0.should be_close(group1, diff)27 end28 29 it 'should partition correctly with a group size of 4' do30 groups = ParallelTests.tests_in_groups(FAKE_RAILS_ROOT, 4)31 groups.size.should == 432 group_size = size_of(groups[0])33 diff = group_size * 0.1 34 group_size.should be_close(size_of(groups[1]), diff)35 group_size.should be_close(size_of(groups[2]), diff)36 group_size.should be_close(size_of(groups[3]), diff)37 end38 it 'should partition correctly with an uneven group size' do39 groups = ParallelTests.tests_in_groups(FAKE_RAILS_ROOT, 3)40 groups.size.should == 341 group_size = size_of(groups[0])42 diff = group_size * 0.143 group_size.should be_close(size_of(groups[1]), diff)44 group_size.should be_close(size_of(groups[2]), diff)45 end46 end47 describe :run_tests do48 it "uses TEST_ENV_NUMBER=blank when called for process 0" do49 ParallelTests.should_receive(:open).with{|x|x=~/TEST_ENV_NUMBER= /}.and_return mock(:gets=>false)50 ParallelTests.run_tests(['xxx'],0)51 end52 it "uses TEST_ENV_NUMBER=2 when called for process 1" do53 ParallelTests.should_receive(:open).with{|x| x=~/TEST_ENV_NUMBER=2/}.and_return mock(:gets=>false)...

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