How to use test_file_name method of ParallelTests.Test Package

Best Parallel_tests_ruby code snippet using ParallelTests.Test.test_file_name


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...20 *sanitized_test_files21 ].compact.reject(&:empty?).join(' ')22 execute_command(cmd, process_number, num_processes, options)23 end24 def test_file_name25 @test_file_name || 'feature'26 end27 def test_suffix28 /\.feature$/29 end30 def line_is_result?(line)31 line =~ /^\d+ (steps?|scenarios?)/32 end33 # cucumber has 2 result lines per test run, that cannot be added34 # 1 scenario (1 failed)35 # 1 step (1 failed)36 def summarize_results(results)37 sort_order = %w[scenario step failed flaky undefined skipped pending passed]38 %w[scenario step].map do |group|39 group_results = results.grep(/^\d+ #{group}/)40 next if group_results.empty?41 sums = sum_up_results(group_results)42 sums = sums.sort_by { |word, _| sort_order.index(word) || 999 }43! do |word, number|44 plural = "s" if word == group and number != 145 "#{number} #{word}#{plural}"46 end47 "#{sums[0]} (#{sums[1..-1].join(", ")})"48 end.compact.join("\n")49 end50 def cucumber_opts(given)51 if given =~ /--profile/ or given =~ /(^|\s)-p /52 given53 else54 [given, profile_from_config].compact.join(" ")55 end56 end57 def profile_from_config58 # copied from config = Dir.glob("{,.config/,config/}#{name}{.yml,.yaml}").first60 if config && =~ /^parallel:/61 "--profile parallel"62 end63 end64 def tests_in_groups(tests, num_groups, options={})65 if options[:group_by] == :scenarios66 @test_file_name = "scenario"67 end68 method = "by_#{options[:group_by]}"69 if Grouper.respond_to?(method)70 Grouper.send(method, find_tests(tests, options), num_groups, options)71 else72 super73 end74 end75 def runtime_logging76 "--format ParallelTests::Gherkin::RuntimeLogger --out #{runtime_log}"77 end78 def runtime_log79 "tmp/parallel_runtime_#{name}.log"80 end...

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