How to use test_env_number method of ParallelTests.Test Package

Best Parallel_tests_ruby code snippet using ParallelTests.Test.test_env_number


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1require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/spec_helper'2describe ParallelTests do3 def size_of(group)4 group.inject(0) { |sum, test| sum += File.stat(test).size }5 end6 7 describe :tests_in_groups_of do8 before :all do9 system "rm -rf #{FAKE_RAILS_ROOT}; mkdir -p #{FAKE_RAILS_ROOT}/test/temp"10 1.upto(100) do |i|11 size = 100 * i12"#{FAKE_RAILS_ROOT}/test/temp/x#{i}_test.rb", 'w') { |f| f.puts 'x' * size }13 end14 end15 it "finds all tests" do16 found = ParallelTests.tests_in_groups(FAKE_RAILS_ROOT, 1)17 all = [ Dir["#{FAKE_RAILS_ROOT}/test/**/*_test.rb"] ]18 (found.flatten - all.flatten).should == []19 end20 it "partitions them into groups by equal size" do21 groups = ParallelTests.tests_in_groups(FAKE_RAILS_ROOT, 2)22 groups.size.should == 223 group0 = size_of(groups[0])24 group1 = size_of(groups[1])25 diff = group0 * 0.126 group0.should be_close(group1, diff)27 end28 29 it 'should partition correctly with a group size of 4' do30 groups = ParallelTests.tests_in_groups(FAKE_RAILS_ROOT, 4)31 groups.size.should == 432 group_size = size_of(groups[0])33 diff = group_size * 0.1 34 group_size.should be_close(size_of(groups[1]), diff)35 group_size.should be_close(size_of(groups[2]), diff)36 group_size.should be_close(size_of(groups[3]), diff)37 end38 it 'should partition correctly with an uneven group size' do39 groups = ParallelTests.tests_in_groups(FAKE_RAILS_ROOT, 3)40 groups.size.should == 341 group_size = size_of(groups[0])42 diff = group_size * 0.143 group_size.should be_close(size_of(groups[1]), diff)44 group_size.should be_close(size_of(groups[2]), diff)45 end46 end47 describe :run_tests do48 it "uses TEST_ENV_NUMBER=blank when called for process 0" do49 ParallelTests.should_receive(:open).with{|x|x=~/TEST_ENV_NUMBER= /}.and_return mock(:gets=>false)50 ParallelTests.run_tests(['xxx'],0)51 end52 it "uses TEST_ENV_NUMBER=2 when called for process 1" do53 ParallelTests.should_receive(:open).with{|x| x=~/TEST_ENV_NUMBER=2/}.and_return mock(:gets=>false)54 ParallelTests.run_tests(['xxx'],1)55 end56 it "returns the output" do57 io = open('spec/spec_helper.rb')58 ParallelTests.stub!(:print)59 ParallelTests.should_receive(:open).and_return io60 ParallelTests.run_tests(['xxx'],1).should =~ /\$LOAD_PATH << File/61 end62 end63 describe :find_results do64 it "finds multiple results in test output" do65 output = <<EOF66....F...67..68failute fsddsfsd69...70ff.**..710 examples, 0 failures, 0 pending72ff.**..731 example, 1 failure, 1 pending74EOF75 ParallelTests.find_results(output).should == ['0 examples, 0 failures, 0 pending','1 example, 1 failure, 1 pending']76 end77 it "is robust against scrambeled output" do78 output = <<EOF79....F...80..81failute fsddsfsd82...83ff.**..840 exFampl*es, 0 failures, 0 pend.ing85ff.**..861 exampF.les, 1 failures, 1 pend.ing87EOF88 ParallelTests.find_results(output).should == ['0 examples, 0 failures, 0 pending','1 examples, 1 failures, 1 pending']89 end90 end91 describe :failed do92 it "fails with single failed tests" do93 ParallelTests.failed?(['0 examples, 0 failures, 0 pending','1 examples, 1 failure, 1 pending']).should == true94 end95 it "fails with multiple failed tests" do96 ParallelTests.failed?(['0 examples, 1 failure, 0 pending','1 examples, 111 failures, 1 pending']).should == true97 end98 it "does not fail with successful tests" do99 ParallelTests.failed?(['0 examples, 0 failures, 0 pending','1 examples, 0 failures, 1 pending']).should == false100 end101 end102end...

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1require './lib/zeus/parallel_tests/worker'2describe Zeus::ParallelTests::Worker do3 describe '.run' do4 let(:cli_argv) { ['rspec', 'spec/models/model_spec.rb'] }5 let(:cli_env) { { 'TEST_ENV_NUMBER' => '3' } }6 let(:worker) { double('worker', spawn: 0) }7 before { allow(Zeus::ParallelTests::Worker).to receive_messages(new: worker) }8 subject {, cli_env) }9 it 'creates instance of worker' do10 expect(Zeus::ParallelTests::Worker).to receive(:new)11 .with('rspec', cli_env, ['spec/models/model_spec.rb'])12 .and_return(worker)13 subject14 end15 it 'does not modify original env and argv' do16 subject17 expect(cli_argv).to eq(['rspec', 'spec/models/model_spec.rb'])18 expect(cli_env).to eq('TEST_ENV_NUMBER' => '3')19 end20 it 'returns exit code' do21 expect(subject).to eq(0)22 end23 end24 describe '#spawn' do25 subject { worker.spawn }26 let(:worker) {'rspec', cli_env, ['spec/file_spec.rb']) }27 let(:cli_env) { { 'TEST_ENV_NUMBER' => 2, 'PARALLEL_TEST_GROUPS' => 4 } }28 let(:argv_file) { double('argv_file', path: 'argv_file_path', unlink: true, puts: nil, close: nil) }29 before do30 allow(Tempfile).to receive_messages(new: argv_file)31 allow(worker).to receive_messages(system: true)32 end33 it 'writes args to file' do34 expect(argv_file).to receive(:puts).with('spec/file_spec.rb')35 subject36 end37 it 'spawns worker and passes TEST_ENV_NUMBER, PARALLEL_TEST_GROUPS and argv file path' do38 expect(worker).to receive(:system).with('zeus parallel_rspec_worker 2 4 argv_file_path')39 subject40 end41 it 'removes argv_file after run' do42 expect(argv_file).to receive(:unlink)43 subject44 end45 it 'returns exit code' do46 system 'true'47 expect(worker).to receive(:system) { allow($CHILD_STATUS).to receive_messages(to_i: 1) }48 expect(subject).to eq(1)49 end50 end51end...

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