How to use report_unused_steps method of Spinach Package

Best Spinach_ruby code snippet using Spinach.report_unused_steps


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...23 result = audit_file(file)24 clean &&= result # set to false if any result is false25 end26 # At the end, report any unused steps27 report_unused_steps28 # If the audit was clean, make sure the user knows29 puts "\nAudit clean - no missing steps.".colorize(:light_green) if clean30 true31 end32 private33 def audit_file(file)34 puts "\nAuditing: ".colorize(:magenta) + file.colorize(:light_magenta)35 # Find the feature definition and its associated step defs class36 feature, step_defs_class = get_feature_and_defs(file)37 return step_file_missing if step_defs_class.nil?38 step_defs = step_defs_class.new39 unused_step_names = step_names_for_class(step_defs_class)40 missing_steps = {}41 feature.each_step do |step|42 # Audit the step43 missing_steps[] = step if step_missing?(step, step_defs)44 # Having audited the step, remove it from the list of unused steps45 unused_step_names.delete step.name46 end47 # If there are any steps left at the end, let's mark them as unused48 store_unused_steps(unused_step_names, step_defs)49 # And then generate a report of missing steps50 return true if missing_steps.empty?51 report_missing_steps(missing_steps.values)52 false53 end54 # Get the feature and its definitions from the appropriate files55 def get_feature_and_defs(file)56 feature = Parser.open_file(file).parse57 [feature, Spinach.find_step_definitions(]58 end59 # Process a step from the feature file using the given step_defs.60 # If it is missing, return true. Otherwise, add it to the used_steps for61 # the report at the end and return false.62 def step_missing?(step, step_defs)63 method_name = Spinach::Support.underscore step.name64 return true unless step_defs.respond_to?(method_name)65 # Remember that we have used this step66 used_steps << step_defs.step_location_for(':')67 false68 end69 # Store any unused step names for the report at the end of the audit70 def store_unused_steps(names, step_defs)71 names.each do |name|72 location = step_defs.step_location_for(name).join(':')73 unused_steps[location] = name74 end75 end76 # Print a message alerting the user that there is no step file for this77 # feature78 def step_file_missing79 puts 'Step file missing: please run --generate first!'80 .colorize(:light_red)81 false82 end83 # Get the step names for all steps in the given class, including those in84 # common modules85 def step_names_for_class(klass)86 { |a| a.respond_to?(:steps) ? a.steps : [] }.flatten87 end88 # Produce a report of unused steps that were not found anywhere in the audit89 def report_unused_steps90 # Remove any unused_steps that were in common modules and used91 # in another feature92 used_steps.each { |location| unused_steps.delete location }93 unused_steps.each do |location, name|94 puts "\n" + "Unused step: #{location} ".colorize(:yellow) +95 "'#{name}'".colorize(:light_yellow)96 end97 end98 # Print a report of the missing step objects provided99 def report_missing_steps(steps)100 puts "\nMissing steps:".colorize(:light_cyan)101 steps.each do |step|102 puts^/, ' ')103 .colorize(:cyan)...

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1Spinach.hooks.on_tag("unused") do2Spinach.hooks.on_tag("unused") do3, js_errors: false)4 def path_to(page_name)5World(NavigationHelpers)

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