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2require 'spec_helper'3RSpec.describe Gitlab::Ci::Pipeline::Chain::Seed do4 let_it_be(:project) { create(:project, :repository) }5 let_it_be(:user) { create(:user, developer_projects: [project]) }6 let(:seeds_block) { }7 let(:command) { initialize_command }8 let(:pipeline) { build(:ci_pipeline, project: project) }9 describe '#perform!' do10 before do11 stub_ci_pipeline_yaml_file(YAML.dump(config))12 end13 let(:config) do14 { rspec: { script: 'rake' } }15 end16 subject(:run_chain) do17 run_previous_chain(pipeline, command)18 perform_seed(pipeline, command)19 end20 it 'allocates next IID' do21 run_chain22 expect(pipeline.iid).to be_present23 end24 it 'ensures ci_ref' do25 run_chain26 expect(pipeline.ci_ref).to be_present27 end28 it 'sets the seeds in the command object' do29 run_chain30 expect(command.pipeline_seed).to be_a(Gitlab::Ci::Pipeline::Seed::Pipeline)31 expect(command.pipeline_seed.size).to eq 132 end33 context 'when no ref policy is specified' do34 let(:config) do35 {36 production: { stage: 'deploy', script: 'cap prod' },37 rspec: { stage: 'test', script: 'rspec' },38 spinach: { stage: 'test', script: 'spinach' }39 }40 end41 it 'correctly fabricates stages and builds' do42 run_chain43 seed = command.pipeline_seed44 expect(seed.stages.size).to eq 245 expect(seed.size).to eq 346 expect( eq 'test'47 expect( eq 'deploy'48 expect(seed.stages[0].statuses[0].name).to eq 'rspec'49 expect(seed.stages[0].statuses[1].name).to eq 'spinach'50 expect(seed.stages[1].statuses[0].name).to eq 'production'51 end52 end53 context 'when refs policy is specified' do54 let(:pipeline) do55 build(:ci_pipeline, project: project, ref: 'feature', tag: true)56 end57 let(:config) do58 {59 production: { stage: 'deploy', script: 'cap prod', only: ['master'] },60 spinach: { stage: 'test', script: 'spinach', only: ['tags'] }61 }62 end63 it 'returns pipeline seed with jobs only assigned to master' do64 run_chain65 seed = command.pipeline_seed66 expect(seed.size).to eq 167 expect( eq 'test'68 expect(seed.stages[0].statuses[0].name).to eq 'spinach'69 end70 end71 context 'when source policy is specified' do72 let(:pipeline) { create(:ci_pipeline, source: :schedule) }73 let(:config) do74 {75 production: { stage: 'deploy', script: 'cap prod', only: ['triggers'] },76 spinach: { stage: 'test', script: 'spinach', only: ['schedules'] }77 }78 end79 it 'returns pipeline seed with jobs only assigned to schedules' do80 run_chain81 seed = command.pipeline_seed82 expect(seed.size).to eq 183 expect( eq 'test'84 expect(seed.stages[0].statuses[0].name).to eq 'spinach'85 end86 end87 context 'when kubernetes policy is specified' do88 let(:config) do89 {90 spinach: { stage: 'test', script: 'spinach' },91 production: {92 stage: 'deploy',93 script: 'cap',94 only: { kubernetes: 'active' }95 }96 }97 end98 context 'when kubernetes is active' do99 context 'when user configured kubernetes from CI/CD > Clusters' do100 let!(:cluster) { create(:cluster, :project, :provided_by_gcp) }101 let(:project) { cluster.project }102 let(:pipeline) { build(:ci_pipeline, project: project) }103 it 'returns seeds for kubernetes dependent job' do104 run_chain105 seed = command.pipeline_seed106 expect(seed.size).to eq 2107 expect(seed.stages[0].statuses[0].name).to eq 'spinach'108 expect(seed.stages[1].statuses[0].name).to eq 'production'109 end110 end111 end112 context 'when kubernetes is not active' do113 it 'does not return seeds for kubernetes dependent job' do114 run_chain115 seed = command.pipeline_seed116 expect(seed.size).to eq 1117 expect(seed.stages[0].statuses[0].name).to eq 'spinach'118 end119 end120 end121 context 'when variables policy is specified' do122 let(:config) do123 {124 unit: { script: 'minitest', only: { variables: ['$CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE'] } },125 feature: { script: 'spinach', only: { variables: ['$UNDEFINED'] } }126 }127 end128 it 'returns stage seeds only when variables expression is truthy' do129 run_chain130 seed = command.pipeline_seed131 expect(seed.size).to eq 1132 expect(seed.stages[0].statuses[0].name).to eq 'unit'133 end134 end135 context 'when there is seeds_block' do136 let(:seeds_block) do137 ->(pipeline) { 'VAR', value: '123') }138 end139 it 'does not execute the block' do140 run_chain141 expect(pipeline.variables.size).to eq(0)142 end143 end144 describe '#root_variables' do145 let(:config) do146 {147 variables: { VAR1: 'var 1' },148 workflow: {149 rules: [{ if: '$CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE',150 variables: { VAR1: 'overridden var 1' } },151 { when: 'always' }]152 },153 rspec: { script: 'rake' }154 }155 end156 let(:rspec_variables) { command.pipeline_seed.stages[0].statuses[0].variables.to_hash }157 it 'sends root variable with overridden by rules' do158 run_chain159 expect(rspec_variables['VAR1']).to eq('overridden var 1')160 end161 end162 context 'N+1 queries' do163 it 'avoids N+1 queries when calculating variables of jobs', :use_sql_query_cache do164 warm_up_pipeline, warm_up_command = prepare_pipeline1165 perform_seed(warm_up_pipeline, warm_up_command)166 pipeline1, command1 = prepare_pipeline1167 pipeline2, command2 = prepare_pipeline2168 control = false) do169 perform_seed(pipeline1, command1)170 end171 expect { perform_seed(pipeline2, command2) }.not_to exceed_all_query_limit(172 control.count + expected_extra_queries173 )174 end175 private176 def prepare_pipeline1177 config1 = { build: { stage: 'build', script: 'build' } }178 stub_ci_pipeline_yaml_file(YAML.dump(config1))179 pipeline1 = build(:ci_pipeline, project: project)180 command1 = initialize_command181 run_previous_chain(pipeline1, command1)182 [pipeline1, command1]183 end184 def prepare_pipeline2185 config2 = { build1: { stage: 'build', script: 'build1' },186 build2: { stage: 'build', script: 'build2' },187 test: { stage: 'build', script: 'test' } }188 stub_ci_pipeline_yaml_file(YAML.dump(config2))189 pipeline2 = build(:ci_pipeline, project: project)190 command2 = initialize_command191 run_previous_chain(pipeline2, command2)192 [pipeline2, command2]193 end194 def expected_extra_queries195 extra_jobs = 2196 non_handled_sql_queries = 2197 # 1. Ci::InstanceVariable Load => `Ci::InstanceVariable#cached_data` => already cached with `fetch_memory_cache`198 # 2. Ci::Variable Load => `Project#ci_variables_for` => already cached with `Gitlab::SafeRequestStore`199 extra_jobs * non_handled_sql_queries200 end201 end202 private203 def run_previous_chain(pipeline, command)204 [205, command),206, command),207, command)208 ].map(&:perform!)209 end210 def perform_seed(pipeline, command)211, command).perform!212 end213 end214 private215 def initialize_command216 project: project,218 current_user: user,219 origin_ref: 'master',220 seeds_block: seeds_block221 )222 end223end...

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