How to use full_error method of Spinach Package

Best Spinach_ruby code snippet using Spinach.full_error


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...153 @reporter.report_error(error, :summarized)154 @error.string.must_include 'summarized error'155 end156 it 'prints a full error' do157 @reporter.expects(:full_error).with(error).returns('full error')158 @reporter.report_error(error, :full)159 @error.string.must_include 'full error'160 end161 end162 describe '#summarized_error' do163 it 'prints the error' do164 summary = @reporter.summarized_error(error)165 summary.must_include 'My feature :: A scenario :: Keyword step name'166 end167 it 'colorizes the print' do168 String.any_instance.expects(:red)169 @reporter.summarized_error(error)170 end171 describe 'when given an undefined step exception' do172 it 'prints the error in red' do173 undefined_error = error174 undefined_error.insert(3, String.any_instance.expects(:red)176 @reporter.summarized_error(error)177 end178 end179 end180 describe '#full_error' do181 describe "when dealing with general errors" do182 before do183 @reporter.expects(:report_exception).with(exception).returns('Exception backtrace')184 end185 it 'returns the exception data' do186 exception.expects(:backtrace).returns(['first backtrace line'])187 output = @reporter.full_error(error)188 output.must_include 'Exception backtrace'189 end190 it 'returns the first backtrace line' do191 exception.expects(:backtrace).returns(['first backtrace line'])192 output = @reporter.full_error(error)193 output.must_include 'first backtrace line'194 end195 describe 'when the user wants to print the full backtrace' do196 it 'prints the full backtrace' do197 @reporter.stubs(:options).returns({backtrace: true})198 exception.expects(:backtrace).returns(['first backtrace line', 'second backtrace line'])199 output = @reporter.full_error(error)200 output.must_include 'first backtrace line'201 output.must_include 'second backtrace line'202 end203 end204 end205 describe "when it's a step not defined exception" do206 it "returns a suggestion" do207 @exception = "foo"))208 @error = [stub(name: 'My feature'),209 stub(name: 'A scenario'),210 stub(keyword: 'Given', name: 'foo'),211 @exception]212 output = @reporter.full_error(@error)213 output.must_include "step"214 output.must_include "foo"215 end216 end217 end218 describe '#report_exception' do219 it 'returns the exception data' do220 output = @reporter.report_exception(exception)221 output.must_include 'Something went wrong'222 end223 it 'colorizes the print' do224 String.any_instance.expects(:red)225 @reporter.report_exception(exception)226 end...

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...78 case format79 when :summarized80 self.error.puts summarized_error(error)81 when :full82 self.error.puts full_error(error)83 else84 raise "Format not defined"85 end86 end87 # Returns summarized error report88 #89 # @param [Array] error90 # An array containing the feature, scenario, step and exception91 #92 # @return [String]93 # The summarized error report94 #95 def summarized_error(error)96 feature, scenario, step, exception = error97 summary = " #{} :: #{} :: #{full_step step}"98 if exception.kind_of?(Spinach::StepNotDefinedException)99 summary.red100 elsif exception.kind_of?(Spinach::StepPendingException)101 summary += "\n Reason: '#{exception.reason}'\n"102 summary.yellow103 else104 summary.red105 end106 end107 # Returns a complete error report108 #109 # @param [Array] error110 # An array containing the feature, scenario, step and exception111 #112 # @return [String]113 # The coplete error report114 #115 def full_error(error)116 feature, scenario, step, exception = error117 output = "\n"118 output += report_exception(exception)119 output +="\n"120 if exception.kind_of?(Spinach::StepNotDefinedException)121 output << "\n"122 output << " You can define it with: \n\n".red123 suggestion = suggestion.split("\n").each do |line|125 output << " #{line}\n".red126 end127 output << "\n"128 elsif exception.kind_of?(Spinach::StepPendingException)129 output << " Reason: '#{exception.reason}'".yellow...

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