How to use method_name method of Spork Package

Best Spork_ruby code snippet using Spork.method_name


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...61 yield if block_given?62 end63 64 # Traps an instance method of a class (or module) so any calls to it don't actually run until Spork.exec_each_run65 def trap_method(klass, method_name)66 method_name_without_spork, method_name_with_spork = alias_method_names(method_name, :spork)67 68 klass.class_eval <<-EOF, __FILE__, __LINE__ + 169 alias :#{method_name_without_spork} :#{method_name} unless method_defined?(:#{method_name_without_spork}) 70 def #{method_name}(*args)71 Spork.each_run(false) do72 #{method_name_without_spork}(*args)73 end74 end75 EOF76 end77 78 # Same as trap_method, but for class methods instead79 def trap_class_method(klass, method_name)80 trap_method((class << klass; self; end), method_name)81 end82 83 def detect_and_require(subfolder)84 ([LIBDIR.to_s] + other_spork_gem_load_paths).uniq.each do |gem_path|85 Dir.glob(File.join(gem_path, subfolder)).each { |file| require file }86 end87 end88 def other_spork_gem_load_paths89 @other_spork_gem_load_paths ||= (90 Gem.latest_load_paths.grep(/spork/).select do |g|91 not g.match(%r{/spork-[0-9\-.]+/lib}) # don't include other versions of spork92 end93 )94 end95 private96 def alias_method_names(method_name, feature)97 /^(.+?)([\?\!]{0,1})$/.match(method_name.to_s)98 ["#{$1}_without_spork#{$2}", "#{$1}_with_spork#{$2}"]99 end100 101 def already_ran102 @already_ran ||= []103 end104 105 def expanded_caller(caller_line)106 file, line = caller_line.split(":")107 line.gsub(/:.+/, '')108 File.expand_path(file, Dir.pwd) + ":" + line109 end110 111 def already_ran?(caller_script_and_line)...

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Using AI Code Generation


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1Traceback (most recent call last):21.rb:2:in `<class:Spork>': uninitialized constant Spork (NameError)3Traceback (most recent call last):42.rb:2:in `<class:Spork>': uninitialized constant Spork (NameError)

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