How to use externally_stubbed method of Header Package

Best Vcr_ruby code snippet using Header.externally_stubbed


Source:structs.rb Github


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...232 def ignored?233 type == :ignored234 end235 # @return [Boolean] whether or not this request is being stubbed by VCR236 # @see #externally_stubbed?237 # @see #stubbed?238 def stubbed_by_vcr?239 type == :stubbed_by_vcr240 end241 # @return [Boolean] whether or not this request is being stubbed by an242 # external library (such as WebMock or FakeWeb).243 # @see #stubbed_by_vcr?244 # @see #stubbed?245 def externally_stubbed?246 type == :externally_stubbed247 end248 # @return [Boolean] whether or not this request will be recorded.249 def recordable?250 type == :recordable251 end252 # @return [Boolean] whether or not VCR knows how to handle this request.253 def unhandled?254 type == :unhandled255 end256 # @return [Boolean] whether or not this request will be made for real.257 # @note VCR allows `:ignored` and `:recordable` requests to be made for real.258 def real?259 ignored? || recordable?260 end261 # @return [Boolean] whether or not this request will be stubbed.262 # It may be stubbed by an external library or by VCR.263 # @see #stubbed_by_vcr?264 # @see #externally_stubbed?265 def stubbed?266 stubbed_by_vcr? || externally_stubbed?267 end268 undef method269 end270 # Provides fiber-awareness for the {VCR::Configuration#around_http_request} hook.271 class FiberAware < DelegateClass(Typed)272 # Yields the fiber so the request can proceed.273 #274 # @return [VCR::Response] the response from the request275 def proceed276 Fiber.yield277 end278 # Builds a proc that allows the request to proceed when called.279 # This allows you to treat the request as a proc and pass it on280 # to a method that yields (at which point the request will proceed)....

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Using AI Code Generation


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1Header.send(:include, External)2Header.send(:include, External)3Header.send(:include, External)4Header.send(:include, External)5Header.send(:include, External)6Header.send(:include, External)

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