How to use recordable method of Header Package

Best Vcr_ruby code snippet using Header.recordable


Source:session_recorder.rb Github


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...68 @io = io69 @level = l70 path = SipperConfigurator[:SessionRecordPath]||SipperConfigurator[:LogPath]71 @filename = File.join(path, f) if f72 @recordable = true73 end74 75 def io=(io)76 ensure_recordable77 @io.close if @io78 @io = io 79 end80 81 def open_file_if_unopened82 return if @io83 io =, "w+")84 io.flock(File::LOCK_EX) if SipperConfigurator[:EnableRecordingLock]85 = io86 end87 88 # Record takes both sip message and also the optional string representation of 89 # the message as the message is filled as we go along the stack and populate the 90 # message. The string representation is the final string that goes out from the 91 # transport. 92 93 def record(direction, msg, msg_s=nil, emit_console=false )94 ensure_recordable95 open_file_if_unopened96 case @level97 when "msg-info"98 if msg.class == Request99 m = msg.method 100 elsif msg.class == Response101 m = msg.code.to_s102 else103 m = msg.to_s104 end105 when "msg-debug"106 m = msg_s.nil? ? msg.to_s : msg_s107 else108 m = "Unknown_record_level #{@level}, I know only msg-info and msg-debug"109 end110 if direction == "in"111 m = "< " + m112 elsif direction == "out"113 m = "> " + m114 elsif direction == "neutral"115 m = "! " + m116 else117 m = "UNKNOWN DIRECTION " + m118 end119 print "#{m} " if emit_console120 @messages << m121 end 122 123 def get_recording124 @messages125 end126 127 def get_info_only_recording128 return @messages if @level == "msg-info"129 do |msg|130 prefix = msg[0..1]131 message = msg[2..-1]132 unless prefix == "! " #neutral133 begin134 m = Message.parse([message, ["AF_INET", 33302, "localhost.localdomain", ""]])135 if m.class == Request136 prefix + m.method 137 elsif m.class == Response138 prefix + m.code.to_s139 end140 rescue ArgumentError141 msg142 end143 else144 msg 145 end146 end147 end148 149 150 def save151 ensure_recordable152 @ilog.debug("Trying to save the recording in #{@io.path||@io}") if @ilog.debug?153 @recordable = false154 begin155 @io.write(YAML::dump(self)) 156 @io.flush157 ensure158 @io.flock(File::LOCK_UN) if @io.class == File if SipperConfigurator[:EnableRecordingLock]159 @io.close unless @io.class == StringIO160 end161 @ilog.debug("Saved the recording in #{@io.path||@io}") if @ilog.debug?162 end163 164 @@slog = SipLogger['siplog::sessionrecorder']165 166 def SessionRecorder.load(f)167 @@slog.debug("Reading the recording from #{f}") if @@slog.debug?168 begin169 case f170 when String171 io =, "r")172 io.flock(File::LOCK_EX) if SipperConfigurator[:EnableRecordingLock]173 when StringIO174 io = f 175 end176 YAML::ENGINE.yamler = 'syck'177 obj = YAML::load(io)178 if obj.class == SessionRecorder179 return obj180 else181 msg = "Object read from file #{f} is not a recording"182 @@slog.error(msg) if @@slog.error?183 raise TypeError, msg184 end185 rescue IOError186 msg = "#{f} is not a proper file"187 @@slog.error(msg) if @@slog.error?188 raise TypeError, msg189 ensure190 io.flock(File::LOCK_UN) if io.class == File if SipperConfigurator[:EnableRecordingLock]191 io.close if io 192 end193 end194 195 def ensure_recordable196 raise RuntimeError, "This recorder is now closed for recording" unless @recordable197 end198 199 private :open_file_if_unopened, :ensure_recordable200end...

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...22 self.attributes = { user_id: user_info_hash['user']['id'], name: user_info_hash['user']['name'] }23 return unless valid?24 register_webhook25 end26 # @param [Boolean] param_recordable webhookに登録する場合はtrue、解除する場合はfalse27 def update_webhook_status(param_recordable)28 wait_api Constants::API_INTERVAL29 if param_recordable30 register_webhook_response = register_webhook31 add_api_errormessage register_webhook_response unless Constants::REGISTER_WEBHOOK_OK_RESPONSE.include? register_webhook_response.status_code32 else33 remove_webhook_response = remove_webhook34 add_api_errormessage remove_webhook_response unless Constants::REGISTER_WEBHOOK_OK_RESPONSE.include? remove_webhook_response.status_code35 end36 end37 # @param [Integer] wait_interval 待機する時間38 def wait_api(wait_interval)39 loop do40 break unless Timer.where('updated_at < ?', Time.current - wait_interval.second).where(id: Constants::TIMER_ID).update(created_at: Time.current).empty?41 sleep rand(wait_interval + 1) + wait_interval42 end43 end...

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