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Enrique DeCoss, Senior Quality Assurance Manager at FICO is an industry leader in quality strategy with 16+ of experience implementing automation tools. Enrique has a strong background in Testing Tools, API testing strategies, performance testing, Linux OS and testing techniques. Enrique loves to share his in-depth knowledge in competencies including, Selenium, JavaScript, Python, ML testing tools, cloud computing, agile methodologies, and people Management.

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Complete Guide To Cypress Visual Regression Testing

Sometimes referred to as automated UI testing or visual regression testing, VRT checks software from a purely visual standpoint (taking a screenshot and comparing it against another approved screenshot). Cypress is an emerging test automation framework that enables teams to ship high-quality products faster.

January 11, 2022
Cypress Testing β€’
Broken links with Cypress

How To Find Broken Links Using Cypress [With Examples]

Have you ever experienced a 404 error? From an end user’s perspective, a 404 error (or broken link) experience can be a complete turn-off. Apart from annoying end-user experience, broken links (or dead links) on a website can dampen the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activity.

August 5, 2021
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